Deadpool Booster v1.2 (updated 11/16/2008)

Started by Jack of All Trades, November 04, 2008, 05:48PM

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November 04, 2008, 05:48PM Last Edit: November 16, 2008, 07:28PM by Jack of All Trades
Here it is.  It's not Finalized yet but I need me some playtesters.

I have included 2 versions of Deadpool the 1st is an updated version of the original.

Deadpool Update :deadpool:

Original Version:

New Skills
-Battle Cry ----------> Power from Ultimate Alliance
-Teleport Flurry -----> Based on Nightcrawler's Teleport Frenzy
-Cloaking Device -----> Based on Cable's Cloaking Device
-Healing Factor ------> Sabretooth's Regeneration Overdrive

Updated Skills
-Dual Shot------------> increased level requirements 14 and decreased maximum skills 16
-Wise Crack-----------> reclassified from Boost to Debuff
-Teleport-------------> changed level requirements and decreased maximum skills to 5. Carry Allies now happens at 3 ranks
-Regeneration---------> added Mental Resistance to reflect comic book continuity
-Stealth--------------> added butterfly kick and teleport flurry, basic punches and kicks to this passive
-Weapon Mastery-------> added butterfly kick, dual shot, and nitrogen blast to this passive. Changed text from Sword/ Gun to Sword/Artillery
-Telport Flurry-------> reduced to 5 attacks because since stealth now affects this skill it does more damage than Nightcralwer's version.  Deadpool's teleport belt should never outdo Nightcralwer's X-Gene.

The original version is significantly overpowered do to the fact that Stealth provides a ginormous bonus to ALL MELEE powers.  I feel this version is truer to what the original would have been like if there hadn't been so many bugs.  However this game was shipped off early and I believe that if they had bug fixed this like I did they would have changed deadpool significantly because he is significantly overpowered this way.

Balanced Version

Differences from Original
Teleport Flurry------->Bumped it back up to 6 attacks at max in this version because with all of the boosts It will actually do the same damage as nightcrawler with a smaller chance of critical hits.
Combat Mastery-------->Replaced Weapon Mastery with Combat Mastery.  It now boosts both Melee & Weapon Powers
Stealth--------------->No longer boosts Melee Powers at %130.  Now it boosts basic punches and kicks at 260%.

If there is enough Demand
-Icons----------------> All of Deadpool's new powers recycle his other icons.
Yet to Come
-Skins----------------> I could import some of his Marvel Ultimate Alliance Skins

Download here--------->  Deadpool :deadpool:

Personally I prefer my balanced version.  His damage is right in line with wolverine.  He's just a little bit stronger but that is the way the numbers worked out.  I think its okay since he is a special character though. It's nowhere near as overpowered as the original version.

Do you have any ideas?
Does my Booster Suck?
Want a power tweaked?
Want to make a skin for me?
Have you found a bug?
Did I forget to mention you for something?

-NoDoubtJr---> I included a slightly modified version of his Cloaking Device Power.
-Sesaru1984--> I included a heavily modified version of his Teleport Flurry Power, which is was a slightly modified version of Nightcrawler's power.  I scripted my own version but his had bugs that I knew how to fix, and mine had bugs that his version fixed.

Special Thanks
-DarthCyclopsRLZ---> He helped me get started and continues to critique my scripts.
-NoDoubtJr.--------> NodoubtJr. helped me find all of the tutorials I needed and pointed me the right direction for fixing Teleport Flurry.

-Finally found a bug in Leap of Faith, however it didn't fix it.  I'm beginning to believe that Leap of Faith references an AI function that deadpool is not capable of.  I ended up removing the power entirely to prevent people from wasting precious skill points on it.  I think 16 skills should be enough.  I am considering giving him Nightcrawler's Teleport Attack with a free point automatically invested to eliminate the no ep cost bug. I throw this in if there are enough requests for it.

There is a new version.  I fixed the weapon mastery and stealth to include other applicable moves.

Woah, woah, woah.

Stealth's damage bonus is supposed to affect *regular* melee attacks.  Not powers. A 150% bonus to teleport flurry is insane, lol.

And regarding Regen, you might wanna bump it up to 7.5% or something. Nice number, eh.

November 05, 2008, 10:19PM #3 Last Edit: November 06, 2008, 04:39AM by Jack of All Trades
Actually, Stealth says all melee attacks.  I personally playtested deadpool's basic attacks and all of his original powers with stealth, weapon mastery, and then stealh + weapon mastery. The original Stealth actually only affected rupturing jab and blade cyclone.  Most of his pre-mod powers are pretty mediocre at level 99.  With both passives at 9 ranks rupturing jab does about 1100 damage its pretty powerful and blade cyclone does about 500 damage.

I didn't want to undo this for my mod because I want people to actually play it.  Stealth actually only adds 130% damage.  If it were only meant for basic attacks it would be underpowered compared to gambit, bishop, jean, sunfire, storm, which add 260% to basic attacks.

I agree it's a overpowered but deadpool is all ready overpowered.  If I don't include the new powers in the passives then there will be no point to play them.  I AM however thinking about reducing Teleport Flurry from 6 attacks to 5.  To be honest I didn't have time to playtest the powers after messing with new passives.

Do you happen to know how to throw his punches and kicks to stealth?

*Note I forgot to include the new powerstyle file.  It's fixed now.*

            affecter {
            attribute = powerup_scope ;
               scope {
               scope_attack = punch ;

               scope {
               scope_attack = kick ;


Insert the code in the ps file's powerup entries if you wanna fix buffs like Energy Fury.  Put it in the talent file's powerup entries for passive skills.

Will I be able to add this to Stealth without replacing what it is all ready set up to do?  I tried adding a melee version of energy combat to deadpool's stealth with disastrous results.

Got some time to kill between classes this afternoon.  Will look it up.

Define 'disastrous'.  Way too high dmg?

Oh yeah.   2000+ damage at rank 9. It messed up the ranking system on the power.  It was ugly.

BTW I couldn't get your business to work.

November 06, 2008, 12:25PM #8 Last Edit: November 06, 2008, 12:27PM by DarthCyclopsRLZ
Quote from: Jack of All Trades on November 06, 2008, 11:49AM
Oh yeah.   2000+ damage at rank 9. It messed up the ranking system on the power.  It was ugly.

All skills or only Rupturing Jab?  Take a look at Jab's ps entry.  The handler borrowed from Nightcrawler messes things up.

Also seems to be something off with Cyclone. Nodes might be a viable solution.

Quote from: Jack of All Trades
BTW I couldn't get your business to work.

Yeah, it's for passives and boosts dealing with regular melee attacks only.  The combined effects - which I'm not sure I approve of, lol - 

No, it messed rupturing jab, butterfly kick, and teleport flurry.

I couldn't get the ranking system to pan out either.

News on the cyclops front.  I'm almost done with his piercing passive.  I just folded it into Defensive Grid.  I changed the name to Ranged Tactical Grid.  I was thinking about Football formations.  Kind of like setting up an offensive line staying back and looking for receivers or in this case enemy weak points that cyclops can blast through.  I was going to make a separate passive but it only affects optic beam and fusion beam.  Since Defensive Grid and passives like that are underpowered anyway, I thought why not.

Now I'm thinking about Jean and Magneto's projectile deflection passives...

November 06, 2008, 01:07PM #10 Last Edit: November 06, 2008, 01:30PM by DarthCyclopsRLZ
Friendly reminder: don't forget to add the piercing chance to the ps file.

EDIT: Well, what do you know.  The game treats melee powers and regular attacks the exact same way unless you specify a type of damage.

I see what the problem is.  The added damage to melee attacks counts as base damage for powers. Thus why it skyrockets.

Mmm.  Might be able to bypass it by adding, say, another type of damage to regular melee attacks.

Nope, bypassing damage ain't working.  Damage doesn't show, but it counts.

The only way to grant such a bonus to regular attacks would be to convert it into a boost and then throw in the NULLIFY attribute.

Gotta say, this is totally what they should've done with all those Energy/Elemental/Ice Combat passives, eh.

actually I should drop the scope node thing and go with damage type melee, it will still affect the powers but it should also affect his punches and kicks too.  I think the reason they made stealth only 130% instead of 260% is because it unlike Sunfire's Fire Combat it is supposed to boost his melee powers as well.

That's the thing.

The punch/kick restriction only works as it should for people who don't have any type of melee powers. The elemental passive bonus boosts the base damage even though it doesn't show on-screen; since these ranged characters don't have +%physical powers, you can't really tell and, more to the point, it doesn't have any effect on their ranged powers' damage output.  Totally different for tanks. 

130% still is way too high if it affects base damage.  Hell, a mere 25% is arguably too high.

All in all, there's no win here.  Regular attacks and power seemingly just can't be dealt with simultaneously. The only way I can think of is to create a buff with the nullify attribute. 

Are you taking into account that half of the characters in the game are able to do this.  Sunfire/Pyro for sure with that sword attack.  I have a feeling Gambit accomplishes this with his staff moves.  Bishop and sapping strike.  The only kids with the combat boost passive who don't have melee powers are storm and jean.