Lady Mastermind MOD

Started by мaгvel wатcheг, November 29, 2008, 03:45PM

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Well, I think that would be fun

December 02, 2008, 05:22PM #16 Last Edit: December 03, 2008, 01:17PM by marvel watcher
Ok, so now her offensive xtreme will be Crossfire: Picking both her guns, Lady Mastermind unleashes a sequence of shots tearing down everything in front of her.

What do you think ? ;)

Considering all her telepathic powers, and then a gun ability as an Xtreme, wouldn't that be a little out of place and underpowered? I'd prefer the gun move to be a power, but that's your choice since you're makin' her.

Yeah, but I only did this cause you have asked for a gun atatck, so I think her xtreme will be  Elemental Brainstorm and I will probably put the gun as a normal stun attack, ;)

That was a good extreme, I like it ;)

Been a while since I've been on the boards. How about combining the gun with the illusions for an Xtreme? As in Regan casts an illusion where her opponents believe she's shooting them down, causing heavy damage/instant death? Kind of like what Psylocke was doing in Uncanny X-Men 258. I'm sure with some bright illusion-like effects and the animations that you've already set up, this could be pulled off with style. Just a suggestion, though.

Yeah can be a good option, thanks ;)

This mod sounds extremely promising - exciting stuff!

I agree with those who said it would be good if she had some gun attacks though.

wow this really sounds intersting ill have to keep my eye on it...

thank you everybody :) her xtreme will be a gun attack but like shafcrawler's suggestion it will be like ''illusion bullets'' . I think it will be called Isane Bullets ;)

Well, this all sounds great, keep up the good work!

So, is there anything, that I can help you with? (I mean ideas or something, I will learn how to skin after christmas :D )

nothing for now but if I need I ask you ok ;)