Mega's Web of Shadow skins

Started by Meganubis, January 06, 2009, 08:45PM

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ok guys ive been working on ben for afew hours and here the result, i willcontinue to work on it after i up my first batch of skins.

Impressive.  I definitely dig it. 

As namage Found out, the skins are now out, enjoy :D
report any Problems
BTW you can use the symbiote skins in conjunction with any of the other skins

i tried out all the skins and boy are they so detailed!just one question tho. is it possible for u to modify the tendrils of the black and anti symbiote suit so that the tendrils go along with the color of the suit?(like black suit with black tendrils instead of blue) like this guy did linkie:         
notice that the tendrils r red.

How do I apply these skins?  I tried texmod but it keeps saying "D'OH Chocolate egg happened" every time.  I have them in hte same folder as the spiderman wos exe file (C:\program files\activision\spiderman web of shadows\image\pc) and i load texmod and use package mode and choose the 2 skin .TPF files and then hit RUN and it just says D'OH.  WHat am I doing wrong?  I thought the skins would be in the .pcpack files.

wario. put the tpf files somewhere in my tex mod. select spiderman web of shadows exe as the target application and then click the mini-folder which is above the x sign then select the tpf files u put in ur my documents.hope it helps btw thx for showing me how to delete my posts midknight

I did exactly that and its not still not working.  I have a no-cd patch applied to the main exe though, could that be why its not working?

I have 2 questions.
1. Does Pc version have the same unlockables as wii ? I mean extra costumes like Sppider Carnage etc ?
2. Does this "Anti Symbiote" skin is a replacement for the normal symbiote skin ?

Btw great work man, those skins are amazing.

Unfortunately the Wii is the only version of the game that has unlockable skins.  The rest are just regular and symbiote.

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well good news guys, ive finished all the skins, except for scarlet spider, there is no way to make it good, firstly the model is uneditable, and it looks stupid as a skin tight costume, also the skin mirrors from the center so there was no way to put the logo prperly on the costume.
But i have done
ben riely and his carnage (spider-carnage)
armor spider-man
movie spiderman + movie symbiote
and unlimited
i will post the pics soon

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The skins are rather nice and I really liked the spidey 2099, cosmic and black symbiote skins (espescially since the web of shadows teams idea of black is insane blue and purple highlights), but: I noticed that the arms on the black symbiote costume aren't blended properly. There are visible seams between the front side of the torso and the arms, where they meet.

It's not a huge issue, but it is annoying. While I'm pointing out tiny flaws, the arrows on the 2099 costume should go all the way to the hands and the skull should look angrier than it does.

Otherwise great work though.

It occurred to me, the skins didn't have to stop at spider-man; different versions of other characters could be made. For example, a classic venom costume, venom 2099, angelo fortunato, that scream symbiote costume for symbiote black cat, mary jane as gwen stacy, uh.......the black kingpin from the daredevil movie?   

the seams are apart of the model, which is stupid because they included a detail texture....
and ill work on updating 2099

ok guys here they are


Ben Riley


Negative Zone


I will release them sometime tommorow
Plus Quinten i Have Updated 2099, and it will be released with these skins