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Started by BliZZ, April 01, 2007, 02:17PM

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has a 360? And is planning on purchasing the MUA downloadable content? And is a very giving person? :wink:

PS: What? We have no :wink: icon? LAME.

I'll watch torrents as well. :runaway:

Shhhh.....  Torrent is a dirty word to use.  :runaway:
Some day, someone will best me.  But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

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Yessssh, let us stick to subtleties please. I always cringe when someone makes a post/topic that is blatantly about torrents as I like to keep a 'never mention by name' policy. But, the other mods seem not to mind, so I hold off :runaway:

PS: I have a contact (from the board!) who is willing to help, but I will keep his identity secret (unless he desires otherwise) soes the government rapeth him not :laugh:

Keep looking for options though, in case, by some sorrowful turn of events, this one don't check out.

If we're looking for a solution when it comes down to getting 360 models, there's a program called 3D Object Converter.  He often updates his program to include new formats.  Give him a recent IGB, let him know we can extract the textures, and we raise money to have him support IGBs.  (The Look at me I'm trying to advertise so ban me now does cost like 30 bucks, but we'd only need a few registrations for Tommy, etc).  We ask just for export w/UV ability, and bingo -- we can re-import models into Max.  It's more of a last-ditch effort as we'd have to raise a bit of dough, but if we get stuck, that's where we can go with it.

i have the download content but it is in the form of the gold edition

Good! :thumbsup: You would have to figure out how to grab the files from the disc...

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yes, i will try to investigate how this is possible without having to open/mod the 360 itself

Edit: What are the files you require? I found a site that can possibly allow me to extract the files, i just need a dvd player i can take apart (which won't be hard to get): http://www.clevermod.com/index.php?article=12

The executable/sound files/team menu files/files relating to the 8 characters (packages, I guess)

There's no point in bothering with the sound files.  There's no known XMA decoder anywhere except to 360 developers.

It doesn't hurt to have them regardless.  Someone might be able to write a codec to play the file as opposed to crack it.
Some day, someone will best me.  But it won't be today, and it won't be you.

The artist formerly known as Burning Rage.

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Thanks for the info. It will probably take me at least a week to get anything done since I am not in my home country. I'll probably get a cheap dvd player and follow the instructions in the link I posted above. I will try to extract the files, but I am wondering, after I get the files, what do I do with them if they are quite large --> this is in regards to how to post/upload them somewhere.

Edit: I suppose the character files may be small so perhaps my last concern can be disregarded.