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Started by ThePhoenix, March 03, 2009, 09:42AM

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Thanks for the comments everyone
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My Mods for XML2:

Could you fix her telekinesis? In XML2 her telekinesis is kinda buggy (unlike XML). When she's behind a short fence or near an enemy, it won't work. I have to be like a few meters away from them. In XML I could throw away anyone charging at me(it worked for close range too).

Quote from: -phoenix- on March 03, 2009, 09:42AM
My mods:

Siryn Mod v1.0
Siryn Mod v1.5

Jean Grey Power Booster v1.0

Surge Mod Conversion v1.0
Jean Grey Power Booster

Sorry for this took so long...
In the end she had some powers I hadn't planned but she is great now... She has a lot of strong powers and "phoenixy" effects.


Preview video:


New powers:
Telekinetic Crush: Jean telekinetically lifts her enemies inside a telekinetic sphere, while attacking them psychically
Mind Control: Controls the minds of enemies, upon mere concentration.
Phoenix Rage: Use the Phoenix Force to form a circle of fire and burn enemies.
Psionic Insanity: Causes enemies to go insane from immense pain as they slowly whither away.

New Xtreme:
From the Ashes: Turns Jean into White Phoenix of the Crown, making all party members invulnerable for a time, and increasing max $EP. Also resurrects 1 ally and restores full $HP for entire party, and raises max $HP.

New Boosts and Passives:
Telepathic Link: Creates a telepathic link between Jean and all teammates, increasing $AR and $DMG
Dark Phoenix: Jean turns to Dark Phoenix and becomes invulnerable, also adds $DMG_FIRE to melee attacks for self and allies.


Original Powers, that are still in the Booster:
Telekinesis: Now uses a little version of Sunfire's Ion Shield as she levitates, and Stryfe's impact effect.
Psychic Spike: Only effect changed
Mental Guardian: Didn't do anything with this one, it was great already

Phoenix Force: I made it to make a little more damage and raised chance to convert. I also made the wings bigger, plus added p9_charge that was in the effects folder but not in the powerstyle, I found it looking great so I just recolored it to yellow instead of pink.

Psionic Combat: The same, just recolored the trail
Telekinetic Net: Put some Marvel Girl's Psychic Mastery in it. Now it's power description is: Gives Jean a chance to dodge projectile attacks, also Jean can read the minds of enemies allowing her to track them and predict their moves.  She also has learned how to reduce the amount of energy she uses to attack.
Mental Mastery: Added possibiliy to resurrect herself.

NOTE! You should download Matt710's Jean Grey booster, it has all the hud heads, skins etc. Some of those skins are in the herostat, you also need it to make From the Ashes to work properly.

I'm working on a preview video for her, because some of the effects looked messy in screenshots

Make a backup of Jean's talents, powerstyles and effects, I'm not responsible for anything you might loose.

-Matt710 for:
   *Emma Frost Mod, whereby the Psionic Insanity is from
   *Dark Phoenix Mod, whereby the Phoenix Rage is from + Mental Mastery improvement
   *Professor X Booster, whereby the Mind Control is based from
   *Marvel Girl Mod, whereby I found some effects + Telekinetic Net improvement
-Nodoubt_jr. for:
   *Shadow King Mod, whose Psychic Shield was used as a base for Jean's Dark Phoenix power
-Activsion for some of the effects and original Jean Grey
-Anyone who ever downloads this mod
Note: All of possible future mods I make can be also then found here. Also when I release Siryn mod v1.5 It'll be released here.

hey mate, i got an idea for jean's booster. maybe u can give her TK the ability to deflect or channel back or control a few projectiles or powers? im not sure if its possible but just sayin
and it would be like really ace to give jean the ability to re-create a copy of herself just like the lasst season in x-men evolution against professor xavier where the both battled using their "telekinetic or psionic clones"

its too much tho lol
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nice idea, that could work like invisible woman's shield. reflecting powers like in X2 where she deflected cyclops optic beam.

astral projection sounds really great. she could maybe hide somewhere and just control the projection around? kinda like Prue's astral projection from charmed. no powers while in astral form but it's almost like teleporting...

would it be possible to change her psionic spike animation? make it shoot like a mental bolt out of her forehead. I always thought it looked weird to shoot psionic bolts from the hands. but that's just an advice/request.

Amazing work all of your mods looks great, too bad I don't have XML2, so since Surge is already a Mua mod, and if I'm right Dihan is converting your Syrin mod, have you ever thought about converting the Jean Grey booster to MUA? I mean all of her powers looks amazing (I saw the preview video and I was astonished), especially her Phoenix Force, great work with the new effects, and marvelfan12345 commented that you added the phoenix wings to her while she's flying, how do you do that??? I really hope that you convert this to MUA, it would make a lot of Jean fans happy, included myself of course, :)

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Sorry, maybe I shouldn't ask here but... Is it true that in MUA Jean doesn't have her mental guardian there?
I'm buying a new PC maybe this weekend. I'm sure my new computer will be able to play MUA :D

Yes, if you check the X-Men Legends 2 Conversions in the MUA section you can see the powerlist as well as photos for all the XMLII characters not in the game or in the Official Characters Mod. So yes Mental Guardian is not in. Too bad, it is a very cool power.

Absinthe Mod v1.0

Custom Character mod

Absinthe (Ingrid Watson) completely custom character, with evil temperament, once Black Queen of Hellfire Club, but now a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She is quite young woman, with strong Psychic abilities and masterful in creating Illusions. She has also invisibility.


Confuse: Projects confusing images into the mind of enemies, causing them to flee
Invisible Knockback: Turn invisible and move to enemy to perform a knockback attack.
Cold Illusion: Makes surrounding enemies to think they have cold slowing them.
Lullaby: Makes surrounding enemies sleepy, stunning them.
Brainwash: Uses power of suggestion to control enemies for a time
Illusionary Wounds: Makes surrounding enemies to think Ingrid is hurting them, taking damage over time.

BLACKHOLE: Makes an illusion that looks like the floor have fallen, make the enemies have an instantaneously death.
ILLUSIONARY DISAPPEARANCE: Abisnthe creates illusions of herself while making her comrades invisible

: Become invisible to enemies, raises her chance of getting a critical hit, and stuns enemies hit by critical attacks.
Mental Focus: Uses telepathic energy to boost attack, defense, and movement speed.
Mental Shield: Creates a psychic field of protection

Mental Mastery
: Increases damage and chance of criticals for all Mental attacks.
Psionic Combat: Adds Mental damage to melee attacks
Mental Protecting: Passive ability that adds to resistances.




-Matt710 for skeleton and sounds
-NoDoubt_jr for a lot of help
-Dihan for tips and help
-Shafcrawler for X3 Psylocke skin which was used as a base for Abinthe's Ultimate skin
-Shadowbox for the name Absinthe
Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack on that motherf*cker's reflection
My Mods for XML2:

Can you please reupload the link, since for some reason every time I try to download it says error.

That's weird. It sure works for me
Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broken, but you can still see the crack on that motherf*cker's reflection
My Mods for XML2:

Works for me too.
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My computer has been having problems these days, so I think that's the reason.