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Started by Teancum, March 18, 2009, 10:52AM

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The one plays like most other threads, but the rules are as follows:
*No more than 27 characters total
*They must be released -- no "wants", just what's on the disc or available as a mod

So who do you have in your game (or who do you want to put in)?

My List (on the Xbox, of course)

1. :panther: Black Panther
2. :storm: Black Cat (I can cheat on this one because I'm the one building her)
3. :capamer: Captain America
4. :daredevil: Daredevil
5. :deadpool: Deadpool
6. :strange: Dr. Strange
7. :gambit: Gambit
8. :ghostr: Ghost Rider
9.  :hulk_icon: Hulk
10. :humant: Human Torch
11. :iceman: Iceman
12. :iwoman: Invisible Woman
13. :ifist: Iron Fist
14. :stark: Iron Man
15. :pman: Luke Cage
16. :moonk: Moon Knight
17. :fantastic: Mr. Fantastic
18. :warbird: Ms. Marvel
19.  :psylocke: Psylocke
20. :punisher_logo: Punisher
21. :silvers: Silver Surfer
22. :spidergirl: Spiderman
23. :storm: Storm
24. :thing: Thing
25. :thor: Thor
26. :warmachine: War Machine
27. :wolverine: Wolverine

March 18, 2009, 11:13AM #1 Last Edit: April 22, 2009, 04:29AM by Nowhere Man
This is the roster I've been playing with for the past few's GREAT!!!

01  :warbird:
02  :storm:
03  :thor:
04  :thing:
05  :ronin:
06  :humant:
07  :iwoman:
08  :deadpool:
09  :panther:
10  :strange:
11  :magneto:
12  :moonk:
13  :nightcrawler:
14  :spiderman:
15  :capamer:
16  :elektra:
17  :gambit:
18  :rogue:
19  :scarletw:
20  :silvers:
21  :fantastic:
22  :hawkeye:
23  :hulk_icon:
24  :iceman:
25  :stark:
26  :genis:
27  :blackwidow:
My Releases -

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I'm currently using

1. :cuckoo: Stepford Cuckoos
2. Rockslide
3. Elixir (I know, cheating)
4. :blink: Blink
5. :dust: Dust
6. :wbane: Wolfsbane
7. Storm
8. Shadow King
9. :surge: Surge
10. Psylocke
11. Emma Frost
12. :nightcrawler2: Nightcrawler
13. Cyclops
14. :husk: Husk
15. Iceman
16. :hellion: Hellion
17. :sunfire: Sunfire
18. Gamit
19. :sage: Sage
20. Jean Grey
21. Cannonball
22. Havok
23. :polaris: Polaris
24. Northstar
25. Angel
26. Rogue
27. X-23

Yeah, yeah... I'm a sucker for my own mods. :P

I got the great smileys from Comixfan Forums, but they're hosted on my photobucket. Sadly, there's no Shadow King one.
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yeah, I love your smileys
My Releases -

  "Beneath this mask there are ideals and ideals are bulletproof."

My favourites are:
1. :wolverine: Wolverine
2. :capamer: Captain America
3. :genis: Captain Marvel
4. :panther: Black Panther
5. :daredevil: Daredevil
6. :deadpool: Deadpool
7. :gambit: Gambit
8. :ghostr: Ghost Rider
9. :hawkeye: Hawkeye
10. :hulk_icon: Hulk
11. :humant: Human Torch
12. :iceman: Iceman
13. :iwoman: Invisible Woman
14. :ifist: Iron Fist
15. :stark: Iron Man
16. :moonk: Moon Knight
17. :fantastic: Mr. Fantastic
18. :warbird: Ms. Marvel
19. :nightcrawler: Nightcrawler
20. :northstar: Northstar
21. :punisher_logo: Punisher
22. :venom: Venom
23. :ronin: Ronin
24. :cyclops: Cyclops
25. :silvers: Silver Surfer
26. :spiderman: Spider-Man
27. :warmachine: War Machine
My mods:
My mods in progress:
No time for modding at the moment, sorry.

1.  :archangel: angel
2.  :banshee: banshee
3.  :beast: beast
4.  :bishop: bishop
5.  :cable: cable
6.  :colossus: colossus
7.  :cyclops: cyclops
8.  :dazzler: dazzler
9.  :domino: domino
10.  :emmafrost: emma frost
11.  :gambit: gambit
12.  :iceman: iceman
13.  :jubilee: jubilee
14.  :kittyp: shadowcat
15.  :longshot: longshot
16.  :magma: magma
17.  :nightcrawler: nightcrawler
18.  :phoenix: jean grey
19.  :polaris: polaris
20.  :psylocke: psylocke
21.  :rogue: rogue
22.  :shard: shard
23.  :storm: storm
24.  :sunfire: sunfire
25.  :wolverine: wolverine
26.  :x-23: x-23
27.  :xman: x-man

wow norrin...I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess you're an X-Men fan.

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March 19, 2009, 01:25AM #7 Last Edit: March 19, 2009, 01:32AM by xlehnsherr
01. :capamer: His Xtreme sucks, but it's alright
02. :cyclops: AWE-SO-ME
03. :daredevil: With the new baton swing add-on
04. :deadpool: Very nice Xtreme
05. :firestar: Soundless but still very good!
06. :gambit: Very nice
07. :humant:
08. :iceman:
09. :iwoman: Withe the new fly ability
10.  :magneto: Dark_Mark's is GOOD!
11. :phoenix: AWE-SO-ME (Dark Phoenix) , specially the life stealing
12. :psylocke: Good replacement for (argh) Elektra
13. :rogue: Good replacement for (argh) Ms. Marvel
14. :stooth: Wolvie's "good buddie"
15. :scarletw:
16. :silvers:
17. :spiderman:
18. :venom: Dark_Mark's is GOOD!
19. :warmachine:
20. :wolverine:
21. :x-23:
22. :sunfire:
23. :polaris:
24. :beast:
25. :banshee:
26. :hawkeye:
27. :hulk_icon: Dark_Mark's is GOOD!

*Put Wolverine, Sabretooth, X-23, Deadpool together and make it a Weapon X team!

*Put Sunfire, Human Torch, Firestar, Phoenix and make it a new scorchers team!
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March 22, 2009, 11:46AM #9 Last Edit: March 28, 2009, 06:17PM by Chikesnit
1st herostat original 23 less fury replaced by the punisher with hawkeye, hulk, moonknight and colossus

2nd herostat original 17 with punisher(nick fury), hawkeye, hulk, moonknight, colossus, nightcrawler(ms. marvel), cyclops(spiderwoman), venom(elektra), sabertooth(luke cage) and magneto (storm)
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mine would be

iron man
war machine
and im going to work on a self mod for a custom character named Null

ooh i forgot x-23 and omega red, did i mention puting some people together to form teem x? oh well i did now

I have two teams which are

1wolverine   1cap. america
2storm       2spiderman
3magneto     3hulk
4pyro        4shehulk
5avalanche   5ironman
6shadowcat   6war machine
7angel       7dare-devil
8rogue       8elecktra
9gambit      9iron fist
10bishop     10mr.fantastic
11cable      11invisable woman
12polaris    12the thing
13havok      13human torch
14cyclops    14hawkeye
15psylocke   15punisher
16colossus   16blade
17iceman     17thor
18jean grey  18dr.doom
19banshee    19ms.marvel
20juggernaut 20luke cage
21emma frost 21nick fury-vison
22quicksilver22Captain Britain
23scarletwitch23captain marvel
24toad-       24falcon
25sabretooth  25black panter
27jubilee     27silver suffer
Would replace banshee, sabretooth, or toad for mystique can't wait untill shes done, but I know there was a uncomplete one out there by cvc if anyone has that please share it with me thanks!

March 23, 2009, 09:14AM #13 Last Edit: March 23, 2009, 09:39AM by -phoenix-
My MUA roster is: (though I don't play much MUA in these days anymore)

1. Dr. Doom :doom:
2. Dark Phoenix :phoenix:
3. Phoenix :phoenix:
4. Storm :storm:
5. Sunfire :sunfire:
6. Rockslide
7. Polaris :polaris:
8. Hellion  :hellion:
9. Dazzler  :dazzler:
10. Banshee  :banshee:
11. Stepford Cuckoo  :cuckoo:
12. Surge  :surge:
13. Nightcrawler  :nightcrawler2:
14. Invisble Woman  :iwoman: (Flight Add-On)
15. Iceman  :iceman: (Block, IceSlide Add-On)
16. Ghost Rider  :ghostr:
17. Doctor Strange  :strange:
18. Magneto  :magneto:
19. Spider-Man :spiderman:
20. Wolverine :wolverine:
21. Captain America :capamer:
22. Cyclops :cyclops:
23. Daredevil :daredevil:
24. Hawkeye :hawkeye:
25. Silver Surfer :silvers:
26. Thor  :thor:
27. Emma Frost :emmafrost:

Sorry Dihan, I used Rockslide icon from your post, I hope you don't mind
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I don't mind. I'd add it to the list of icons if I was able to.
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