2 Ultimate teams - gone?

Started by BLaw, March 28, 2009, 04:20AM

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Ultimate X-Men & F4s end with "Ultimatum" according to this page: http://www.marvel.com/news/comicstories.6691.X-Men_and_Fantastic_Four_No_More

Found it when I was searching for more ultimate costumes to skin. I was hoping for more Ultimate X-Men chars with costumes and such, but is this true?

it seems that ever since jeph loeb took over some ultimate titles their popularity have decreased a lot...it's understandable, loeb has consistantly been a poor writer with some rare exceptions.

the red hulk who beat thor, punched the watcher and then assembled the anti-defenders (himself, mordo, tigershark and terrax) is an example of really poor writing.
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Ultimate X-Men used to be so good...like 3 years ago.  I agree, it's gone somewhat downhill.

I've never read any Ultimate stuff, but I've heard that Ultimate Fantastic Four was just a waste of time.
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yeah its true, but im kind of glad Ultimate X-Men is ending the stories had been bad for a while now and the Ultimatum stories were even worse.  It started out really good, i would definetly recommend reading the earlier issues.
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Well yeah, I read about Ultimate X-Men, well...it was a pain.