Anyone else has problems with the 360 wireless pad on PC?

Started by youplaboum, April 08, 2007, 06:20AM

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Hi, I just bought a 360 wireless pad and an usb receiver, and I'm having some problems with it: the buttons scheme is completely scrambled. A is seen as X in the game, B as A, Back as left trigger, the right stick is not recognized, etc. This is weird because it does not happens with my wired 360 pad, and M:UA is the only game to have this problems (the buttons mapping in the Windows control panel is accurate too). Does someone else has this pad and don't have any problems?

Do you mean the actions the buttons do in the game or the labels the game puts onto them when redefining keys? If the first, then redefine - the default controls are screwy for ANY type of gamepad. If the second, then I can only offer condolences - the game's control coding sucks almost as much as the graphical optimisation.

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Well, both :) When I press the A button, it do the default "X" action, combined with an X showing up on screen. Its acting just like the connectors inside my pad are scrambled. But they are not, as the Windows control panel shows it right. And I can't just remap the controls as my right stick is not recognized at all in the game. I will try to use joytokey to simulate moves of the mouse, but I wanted to know if other  wireless pad owners had the same problem.

I bought the damn wireless XBox 360 pad for this game knowing Keyboard/mouse was optimal for this kind of game and I'm having the same problem my buttons are scrambled.

I bought a really cheap PS2 look-alike controller for $15, and it works perfectly. I prefer the keyboard though, and that controller is gathering dust now.

I rewired an old 360 controller to work with the PC, using the XBCD driver, which worked perfectly for most games.  Sadly, I wired it up two years ago, and it's time for a new one, but I'm having troubles finding a similar model these days... I should've bought more than one at the time.