Shafcrawler's Loadscreens

Started by shafcrawler, May 22, 2009, 05:55AM

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Yeah is always good to see you here , I really appreciate your job ;)

(finally) finished an X-artwork. Life's very busy right now, but I'm squeezing bits of modding work here and there in fear that I might forget it all (already forgotten half the stuff). Here's Pixie, as requested by Dihan. Here she's clubbing, which is inappropriate for her considering her age, but who cares. Marvel's dead set on ruining a once cool character. Might as well let them.

On a side note, icons for Revanche & Magma and Stacy X's mod are all finished, but I'm having upload issues (used someone else's PC to upload Pixie. Don't have the other files on me). I'll try to post them by next week.

'Woah nice work!

On a side note: a lot of teenagers who do not have the age for clubbing are well, like, clubbing. Pixie shouldn't be left out of them eh :P (but it's wrong!)

I was wonderin if you could, if you have time and want to, create Icons for my Daken mod? Because mine are just soo bad. And cheap.

Thanks. And, well, I started clubbing when I was 17 so I suppose Pixie doing it's alright :P

And I'd love to make Daken's icons. Just PM me his powerset and ideas for how you want individual icons to look, if you have any. (e.g. colour themes, specific items in icon, etc.)

It looks really good and it is a shame about what they're doing to the New X-Men in general. I suppose I'll have to hurry up with a Pixie mod now. :P
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Looks great and dont worry about the icons, upload them when you can.
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Yay it looks awesome. And I love seeing Dazzler in it. Only need a Pixie mod now. I honestly don't have much care for the New X-Men anymore except for Pixie, X-23, Armor, and Dust. But I have soft spots in my heart for Elixir and Mercury.

i LOVE that you put Dazzler off in the background performing.  genius!  lol

wow shafcrawler, it looks amazing. your work it's so awesome :)

Okay, WOW, those loadscreens are amazing, it shows you have put alot of hours into these and the results speak for themselves, good job. I like pretty much all of them but my fave has to be Shadowcat, just looks really natural :D

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the links for Aurora, Northstar, Shaman, Rockslide, Caliban, Dark Phoenix Tragedy, Here Comes the Bride, Daken and Iceman don't work....can't you do something about it???


Did anyone get a chance to renew the link for Iceman and Here comes the bride?