Shafcrawler's Loadscreens

Started by shafcrawler, May 22, 2009, 05:55AM

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That Rockslide loadscreen looks extra complicated.  Thank you for your dedication shaf!!!
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Thanks. Also, the loadscreens have been released. Check first post.

have you thought about doing a Polaris loadscreen?  it just occured to me that that might be a fun one.

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What im currently working on:
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wow!  thanks for looking that up!  i love it.

Thanks. I'm actually planning on doing a new one of Polaris featuring one of her more prominent costumes. Also, recently I've been doing a few personal projects and Polaris is a part of one of them:

It's a recreation of the time when Polaris went insane and chased Havok and Annie after the former dumped her. At the Altar!

(and as long as I posted that, here's the Dark Phoenix Tragedy)

Also, if anyone wants these as loadscreens, let me know and I'll convert them.

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Wow their both amazing. :applause: Awesome work as always.

I don't know if you take requests or not, but if ya ever have time, could you do one of Rogue? Cause I know it'd be totally awesome. If not it's cool. I was just wondering.

I'd like to see a better Iceman loadscreen - the ones in MUA and XML2 are a bit rubbish.
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Yeah, I'm still taking requests, though I'll be working on them after the 18th, since I just gave a terrible, TERRIBLE exams today (actually, EVERYONE in my exam venue did! Chemistry!) so I'm swearing off of any work related to art or modding till I'm done with the exams.

So I'll put Rogue on the list. If you want her in any specific costume, RogueDW331, just let me know. Also, I think I'll do one for Iceman as well but I disagree with Dihan. I think the XML2 one was great!

Well, the MUA one is terrible at least.

If you could - can you use this costume:

Please do not contact me for any help in modding-related matters.
It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

Cool, thanks, well, I'm hoping someone will make this outfit for one of her skins sometime soon (the 1st pic) so that outfit would be awesome, but if not, then I'd like the second one, if you don't mind :)

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I like the Dark Phoenix one and the Havok one so could u convert those?

@RogueDW331: I've actually been planning on making that skin (1st Rogue) since I first saw her in it in Legacy! But, like I said, after the 18th. Fine then.

@Dihan: sure thing!

Also after you finish your exams and the Rogue and Iceman loadscreen, could you perhaps do one of Jean as the White Phoenix of the Crown or the Original X-Men in their training costumes?

Okay, slow down, one at a time :P

I've still got Prowler, Callisto, Daken, Elixir, Arclight and these two new ones on my hands at the moment.