The (active) birthday topic!

Started by BLaw, May 22, 2009, 12:22PM

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Congratz to the following (active) individuals with their Birthdays:
Me (7th May)
Dark_Mark (21st May)!

I don't know if this topic has been made already, but it would be nice :P

He, I was considering making one of these... Someone beat me to it!
Happy birthday to a new member: Mac22588 (today)
and someone else:  Coil (today)
IS this a topic where anyone can post happy birthdays? And, happy birthday to you, too, Blaw.

1. Yeah, it keeps the community alive and ehm, how shall I say it, a tiny bit personal instead of "business" if you catch my drift, bleh me English is bad atm :P

2. Ye, though it would be ridiculous to wish people who aren't active a happy birthday :P (IMO)

I know exactly what you mean. And your English wasn't bad. It surprises me how a lot of Dutch people can speak, read, and write in English (my grandfather and grandmother are Dutch, and they are almost fluent in English)

A bit offtopic but: I watched a lot of movies (Action, Comedies) to improve my English. Nowadays in the Netherlands, they almost make every American / English movie or so Dutch. That's like so horrible. I currently have like 3 certificates from schools; my final grade for English for all three certificates was a 9 (of 10). All my classmates ask me questions during exams XD But I never respond XD

Ontopic: who else was recently celebrating his/her birthday?

This should probably be stickied. Active user's birthdays don't really come around enough to keep the thread alive.

Anyway, happy birthday to everyone who is celebrating today and happy belated birthday to all those who aren't! :P

I think these forums could do with a bit of a personal touch, too. Maybe a thread where we can just talk about our lives, say a bit about ourselves or introduce ourselves if we're a new member, and all that stuff.
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I thought about opening this topic too, but decided to send birthday wishes through PM, I've sent one to dark_mark but not to BLaw, so...Happy Birthday BLaw!

Gemini time, my birthday is kinda close too =)

yeah, congrats to everyone who learned english as a second language, it' hard work. I got a B on Cambridge CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) last year. Tough exam! The worst part is that I was just 1% away from an A ¬¬
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More happy birthday: Happy Birthday The Boy Sanga! Turning 22!

the creator of the captain B. mod! gratz

Thanks guys! I don't really feel that old from age - its the pension that does it ;)

Happy birthday Grig32! You can legally drink now! (don't drink and post. Errr, I mean drink and drive :))

Happy birthday Grig! If you're gonna drive don't drink, if you're gonna drink invite me =P
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