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Started by JETORONE, July 11, 2009, 11:44AM

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Which are your favorite mods

And those that less you like

And that worse fact seems to them to be

And finally the one that seems to them to
be better made

Thank you for the attention

is that your signature? o.O
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No, he just posted all those smileys...
And not all of those smileys have mods.

I got rid of them.
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Love the  :phoenix: :hellion: :dazzler: and :iwoman: block animation because I was able to transfer it into  :phoenix: & :hellion:. It looks great!

Dihan's mods are awesome. I love the Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix mods plus Iron Fist and She-Hulk. Dazzler is also great along with  the Offical Charatcer Mod characters and the X-Men Legends 1 and 2 conversion characters. War Machine also sounds awesome. You also may enjoy Punisher if you are into weapons like guns, bombs, flamethrowers. I'm not that much but I enjoy him very much. I also have a liking for Vision and Shadowcat due to their intangibility.

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Punisher, War Machine, She Hulk, Emma Frost (with Matt710's booster) and Sage are my favourite non-official character mods.
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I didn't like the Official Pack but only downloaded it for Nightcrawler and Cyclops. Plus when I opened up the sound files and found Doom's and Hulk's Taunts that was meant bu didn't make a sound when playing the game.
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Obviously the official characters and XML conversions.
my favourite individual mods would be-
Punisher- completes the game and fun to use
Warmachine- way better to play as than iron man
Archangel/Angel- great fun
multiple man- very unique and great fun
mysterio- another unique one
omega red- very powerful
Vision- another great one

In addition to the the official characters and XML conversions, I like the following individual mods:

Iron Fist
Crystal (I hope opakarlo returns and releases the update soon!)
Giant Man
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my favourite individual mods would be:

shadow king
jean grey
green goblin
sand man
war machine
dark phoenix

 :cyclops: Cyclops from the official characters
Giant Man
:sandman: Sandman
:greengoblin: Green Goblin
:punisher_logo: Punisher
:quicks: Quicksilver
:shehulk: She-Hulk with her change skin power  :naughty:

These mods are awesome!  :laola:
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not wanting to sound arrogant, but with my boosters the twins wanda and pietro are favourites of mine too :P
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Umm I love all of them