(04/17/12) UPDATED! Nowhere Man's releases (Colossus, Gambit, Rogue)

Started by Nowhere Man, August 04, 2009, 02:23PM

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I found a fix for the Elektra problem. I had to install the Official Characters 1.2 then install the Elektra updates. It corrected my problem. This is a sweet mod. I love the "Hand's Reach" power. Pretty sweet.

Thanks again for your help.

my Rogue mod has just gone over 500 downloads and it's my most popular mod. thanks a lot to all of you for downloading :D
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No problem man your rogue mod really rocks!BEST ROGUE MOD EVER!
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Nowhere Man

Quote from: Nowhere Man on May 30, 2011, 06:07PM
my Rogue mod has just gone over 500 downloads and it's my most popular mod. thanks a lot to all of you for downloading :D

Your rogue mod is the best!!! I use this one forever!  Сongratulations!!!!

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I still use it to this day.Especially the new improvements to Torpedo Strike,Smash,Power Drain, and Bedazzle. BUt i LoVe Power Recall 1 and 2.

thank you all so much for the kind words ^^
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Hey Nowhere Man, I was making A scarlet Witch boost and I was wondering if I could use Rogue "Recall" Codes


:blackwidow: BLACK WIDOW
- Controlled Burst: Now does less dmg but spends less ep. Just thought killing bosses with 3 shots was too overpowered. She can still do it by tapping but it takes more time;
- Weeping Widow: Was the same dmg as Flash Bang but with no stun powerup. Seemed pretty useless overall. Now does a lot more dmg but it takes some time;
- Flash Bang: Slightly increased the stunning time;
- Widow's Charm: Now increases converted foes stats as you lvl up and lasts longer. Does more dmg once  life expires;
- Soviet Strike: Now works like Focused Chi or BLaw's Symbiote boost;
- Red Dawn: Used to make her 100% invulnerable for 3 minutes, which is weird IMO. Now works like Thing's Tough Skin, except the other way around, increasing her defense against projectiles and beams more than against melee;
- Russian Fury: Sharply increased dmg;
- 2 new loadscreens;
- MUA2 flip double jump;
- Changed passives.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?cq46ep3q3yimyt3

- Nebula Beam: The charging of all characters takes 1 second and for him it took 3, that was fixed with effects and sounds in synch. Since there were 2 chargeable attacks with the exact same damage (this one and Star Beam), in order to make them different I made the damage not double and it only explodes when fully charged but in a much greater radius that increases as he lvls up;
- Negablast: This attack and Star Fall both popped-up enemies and this one had an unused knockback value in the talent file. So, now, it doesn't pop-up foes but deals knockback that increases as he lvls up. Also increased radius just a tad;
- Star Beam: Fixed the charging time with effect and sounds in synch;
- Shooting Stars: Was just waaaaay too powerful. Made it more like Ironman's Nano Assault with lower tap dmg and some knockback to it so that it can't just kill every enemy in the screen, because they get out of range as you tap;
- Star Fall: It had a lingering effect and camera shake, but nothing was happening in terms of power. So, I made it have a lingering damage as well that made this attack have a lot more sense;
- Cosmic Rage: Fixed power usage and life issues and made the values more compatible to the other characters;
- Nega-Phase: Also fixed power usage and life, making it last longer than before. On the other hand I made the healing factor a lot lower (it was the insane amount of 50%/sec at top lvl) and made all the values show on the menu screen, which it didn't;
- Flying effect;
- New Mar-Vell loadscreen;
- Passives: Some passives were simply broken or the codes were wrong. Fixed them.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?r4rv8da4gmoqi0m

:cyclops: CYCLOPS
- Changed costume passives;
- Optic Stream: increased damage, made it pierce and gave it knockback;
- Roundhouse Kick: since he had radial, double strike anim and effect I made that to the power, which used to be quite useless to me, but now is a very much nedded physical dmg attack to use against energy resistant foes;
- Optic Power: Turned it into "Spatial Awareness", which increases chance of criticals for beam powers and chance to dodge projectile and beam attacks;
- Optic Rage: it didn't his all the enemies on screen, fixed that.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?p44510ydrgz49yi

:deadpool: DEADPOOL
- Assassin Strike: put the "Assassin" in it. Instant KO for enemies with low HP. Great cause he has several attacks that take a little DMG of many foes. This one you use to finish them off;
- Granade Toss: There was something wrong with the powerstyle cause it did not have a radius in the explosions, the result was that it barely ever hitted anyone. Now I gave it a radius and, just for fun, added a pop-up powerup that I think matches the power perfectly. Also made them explode closer to him, so that even if it's not aiming at a foe it still hit nearly everyone in radius;
- Teleport Flurry: Now stuns the foes as it was supposed to and is described in the talent file but didn't;
- Added double jump (teleport in triple jump);
- Doubled teleporting distance;
- Also, as usual, messed with the passives and gave him that 10% speed boost I love giving to martial artists :P.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?ack8aijlg8rdbmd

:hawkeye: HAWKEYE
- Paralyzer: Now called Quick-Shot. Instead of stunning now it has knockback and does a little more dmg. The idea is to use it in order to get enemies to keep their distance;
- Adamantium Arrow: Decreased initial dmg but increased harming dmg. Overall the dmg is higher. Now called Napalm Arrow, cause it makes no sense having adamantium burn foes;
- Ice Pick: Increased freezing time a bit;
- Piercing Shock: Now called Adamantium Arrow. Instead of that stunning-like effect, now it goes through and through with a chance of instant knockout. Makes a lot more sense for an adamantium arrow IMO;
- Hyper Shot: Now called Hawk's Revenge, increases arrow dmg and converts part of the dmg into HP;
- Hawk's Revenge: Now called Hawk's Reflexes. Team boost that increase dodging chance;
- Changed passives;
- Added MUA2 flip double jump.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?q24v278vl9g7dci

:humant: HUMAN TORCH
- Flame Thrower: increased damage and made it so that the victims burn in their place for a while, so you can turn and they keep buring;
- Fire Storm: decreased the impact damage, but made it so that enemies that come in range of the fire on the ground burst in flames and run away in despair with great harming damage;
- Wildfire: added knockback;
- Changed costume passives;
- Nova Blast: increased dmg and made it increase his elemental, energy and radiation resistance.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?pjd78vfa830avzt

:iceman: ICEMAN
- Changed costume passives;
- Blizzard: was the best power visually, but one of the worst to use, so I increased the number of hits, edited some things, and now I think it lives up to the visual;
- Ice Shards: gave it a small critical chance so that it makes a good combo with Freeze Beam;
- Polar Explosion: decreased the damage, but increased the life of the freezing.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?n85m5r8qmbek4lx

:magneto: MAGNETO
- Magnetic Shield: small change just to make it's life 180 only at the highest lvl;
- Changed melee moves;
- 10% movement speed increase;
- Shockwaves: do more damage, spend less EP and now has a range of 400.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?7iyzeue9ac2mdzm

- Changed costume passives;
- Pinball: made it so that it does 3x more damage depending on the speed;
- Propeller Arms: now has a 25% change to take great percentage of the victim's health;
- Elastic Crush: increased the dmg to stunned foes to 200%;
- Drastic Elastic: causes enormous knockback if fully charged, but no longer doubles the damage;
- Rubberband Recoil: it was treated as chargeable in the talent file, but it didn't have charging anims or powerstyle entries. Fixed that by balacing damage and radius;
- Fantastic Fists: the critical chance at top lvls was 125% when it clearly was meant to be 25%, fixed that and made it so that all dmg in increased, not only melee. Considering all his attacks are physical it made sense to me;
- Elastic Evasion: now not only reflects beams and projectiles, it also adds melee damage reflection;
- Orbital Attack: made it recover HP and EP for the entire party.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?ljqs27xvjr77xdz

:nightcrawler: NIGHTCRAWLER
- Changed costume passives;
- New passive ability called "Nocturnal Speed", movement speed increased by 20%;
- Now he no longer has the swords on his back unless he's using the "Sword Combat" boost;
- Added Daredevil's double jump, triple jump to teleport;
- Increased teleporting distance;
- Acrobatic Kick: decreased damage but gave it an arc, so it can hit several targets. Only stuns when fully charged;
- Sword Mastery: now has a chance to take 1/2 of stunned enemies HP;
- Bamf Flurry: now stuns targets and does double dmg if they're already stunned;
- Bamf Blitz: now all attacks work and the number of attacks is trully defined by lvl (meaning the animation doesn't keep going if he can only deliver 3 hits);
- Shadow Crawl: now increases critical chance as well and stuns with criticals;
- Blindside Blitz: attacks more foes and made it so that the individual damage is the greater one and the radial is the smaller one;
- One additional Loadscreen.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?ui0i17p2t90g7kv

:ronin: RONIN
- Grabsmash: almost did no dmg at all. Now is ok;
- Flying Nunchaku: added knockback that the description said it had and didn't;
- Spinal Teaser: used to deliver massive amounts of dmg, even to bosses, while she was still tackling the foe. The critical chance was 75% no matter what lvl. Now all these weird features have been fixed and the attack has a great chance of causing instant knockout;
- Slice and Dice: even though she used both sword and dagger the attack only had one hit. Now it has 2 hits and the radius is better defined. Gave it high critical chance;
- Changed Passives;
- Echo Effect: fixed all energy spending issues and matched the different dmgs to the original characters powers;
- New Boosts (replace the old ones)
  - Photographic Reflexes: increases defense and dodging chance;
  - Critical Focus: increases critical chance and critical DMG (use in combination with Slice and Dice and it's a killer);
- Power Strike: increased DMG and gave it massive knockback;
- Features all PSP sounds, converted by LarsAlexandersson.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?aa0fq9qe5zdc6w2

:venom: VENOM
- Tendril Thrust: put the dmg in synch with the effect and added knockback;
- Venom Swing: now does dmg when enemies are hit (for those who can, do that to Spider-Man as well, works like a bitch);
- Symbiote Bite: added instant KO chance;
- Claws: now increases melee dmg, critical dmg and critical chance for melee moves;
- Symbiote Sludge: no longer holds foes after the effect has already vanished and does dmg on impact and over time;
- Increased movement speed by 10%.

LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/?ja3876umw9z8x3n
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WOW! These all look amazing! :)

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alright, here are the releases:

- Small update to the Ghost Rider booster;
- HUGE update to the Hulk booster;
- New Captain America booster;
- New Fixes/Balance upgrades for the Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Iceman;
- 8 juicy new loadscreens;

Let me know about bugs and stuff, cause I tend to forget to compile one file or another.

hope you all enjoy!
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