MUA1 Wii - Special Edition [progress - CANCELLED]

Started by Teancum, September 18, 2009, 05:32AM

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September 18, 2009, 05:32AM Last Edit: December 05, 2017, 11:08PM by Teancum
So I was more than a little bummed when I found out that MUA2 PS2 files wouldn't end up working in MUA1 Xbox, so I wanted to find a new project.  Given that I have a close friend with a Wii, I'm announcing the Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Special Edition mod for the Wii.

CURRENT PROGRESS: 10% (planning and research)


29-33 characters (depending on engine limitations - I haven't found the max amount of characters yet on the Wii)
Potential candidates for characters (So I can keep track of who might work on the Wii)

  • :blackwidow: Black Widow (hidden on disc, will need to build sounds for this character)
  • :genis: Captain Marvel (hidden on disc, will need to build sounds for this character)
  • :dazzler: Dazzler (Tetragene's mod)
  • :gambit: Gambit (Cross between XML2/MUA2 - Civil War, Classic, Ultimate, Age of Apocalypse)
  • :hawkeye: Hawkeye (hidden on disc, will need to build sounds for this character)
  • :hulk_icon: Hulk (Cross between Iammingy's version/MUA2 - Civil War, Joe Fixit, Original, Rulk)
  • :ifist: Iron Fist (Iammingy's mod)
  • :magneto: Magneto (XML2 conversion)
  • :psylocke: Psylocke (BliZZ's mod)
  • :punisher_logo: Punisher (BliZZ's mod)
  • :ronin: Ronin (hidden on disc, will need to build sounds for this character)
  • :scarletw: Scarlet Witch (BliZZ's mod)
  • :shehulk: She-Hulk (Iammingy's mod)
  • :venom: Venom (MUA2's version - Civil War, Dark Avengers, Eddie Brock, Angelo Fortunato)
  • :warmachine: (Teancum's mod)
Power upgrades

  • :blade: Blade (adding "Shotgun Strafe" power from MUA2)
  • :capamer: Captain America (now flips when he double jumps)
  • :daredevil: Daredevil (baton swing ability, same as Iammingy's PC mod)
  • :humant: Human Torch (adding new power, "Flame On" - Torch will 'stay lit' and will his melee and fire damage)
  • :iceman: Iceman (ice slide is an ability like web swinging; new power "Sub Zero" - all outfits get icy 'smoke' effects, 3rd outfit has an ice form, power increases melee damage and has a chance to slow or stun)
  • :iwoman: Invisible Woman (Iammingy's PC updates)
  • :stark: Iron Man (adding chest beam power from MUA2)
  • :silvers: Silver Surver (new costumes: Norrin Radd, The Keeper, and Carnage Cosmic)
  • :spidergirl: Spider-Man (removing Symbiote outfit due to Venom, replacing with Unlimited outfit; adding new power, "Spider Armor" boost)
  • :thing: Thing (adding "Grimm Shockwave" power from MUA2)
Technical Info/Research
  • Uses Alchemy 3.5, and may very well be able to use the 360DLC's team_back.igb, giving the potential for 33 characters
  • VV versions of the game have no known character limit - I've hit 28 on the Wii, and other early modders added 30+ characters to the herostat of the PSP, meaning 33 might be possible
  • The PSP characters' sounds are gonna be a nightmare considering all of the manual copy/pasting I'll have to do in a hex editor
  • MUA2 characters sounds should just port right over, no changes needed

You'd need a modded Wii.  You can softmod a Wii with just an SD card and a copy of Zelda.  It doesn't hurt your Wii, and you can play modded games.

I can contribute, if you'd like. I was actually thinking about doing this myself as I'm considering getting a Wii soon.

That'd be awesome.  We'll collaborate!  Maybe we'll even get rid of Fury to add one more slot.

Yeah, I think Fury, Widow, and especially Ronin should potentially be dropped in favor of characters who aren't story-breaking (in Fury/Widow's case)/aren't incredibly minor & forgettable (in Ronin's case)

And how about adding Scarlet Witch to the "potential" list? She'd add another female to the roster, she'd add another Avenger to the roster, and she's already got a full powerset/skins/sounds worked out thanks to XML2

Well, at the moment my potentials list is limited to models that can be found on either the Wii or the Gamecube, except for Punisher and some random skins, who are sortof experiments to see if PS2 skins'll work.

Incidentally, why drop Ronin?  She's a lot of fun, she just needs some tweaking.  Plus aside from sounds she's done, so I already know I can get her in.

Yeah, but Scarlet Witch is on the Gamecube

I was thinking Ronin should be dropped because she's just SUCH a minor character and there are so many other, bigger name characters. If you want to keep her in then I'm up for it, but I probably won't help much on her files :P

Additionally, I think the "Insulated" Spider-Man skin from his fights with Electro would make a better fourth skin than the Unlimited one. I put a request for it in the skin request thread

Need my help with the boosters of Spidey? Since I already created the symbiote booster for pc? I'll also speed up the Flame On booster I was working on (the boost is working but I need to do the skins & icons..)

That'd be great.  My first task is to find the character limit on the Wii though (if there is one).  33 Wii characters would be flat-out cool, if I say so.

@BliZZ -- the great thing is that as long as someone has their own Wii ISO they can install their own Wii-specific characters we build, it just takes a few more steps (same with the Xbox).  So if you want to do Scarlet Witch we can totally do that.  In fact, it might be best to build as many as possible, then provide the sounds, assetsfb.wad, Heroselect and herostat.engb so they can pick their team, load it into the assetsfb.wad file, load that into the ISO, burn and play.

Sorry to double post all, but I'd be interested to hear who else ya'll might have in mind if we 1) could have more than 33 characters and make them 'hidden selectables' like on the Xbox, or 2) went the Heroselect route and let you choose your team before building your ISO.

Some other thoughts for a well-rounded set of characters:
Iron Fist (pending on whether DXT3 boltons work)
... and if I ever actually do finish her, Black Cat.

Do you have any idea what the character limit is?

as for your q:
Might as well do Doom, since all of the other exclusives are listed there

Modded MUA in the Wii? Cool, that's amazing ^_^
As for the new characters I would suggest:

-Dazzler. Tetragene's mod is amazing.
-She Hulk.
-Emma Frost. Either Matt's booster or the upcoming Burning Rage's mod.
-Your Black Cat mod would be really cool.
-Doom. (Agree with Blizz).
-Iron Fist.

I also would recomend to keep Black Widow, I don't know, but to me is one of the most amazing characters in the game, cool powers, cool voice and funny quotes :)
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