Polygone's realeses! : NEW! Scorpion mini - booster

Started by Polygone, August 28, 2011, 12:54PM

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Looks great! Great job with it. Will definitely try this soon ;)
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Hiya! Where can I find that Phoenix booster ya talk about in this topic? I cant seem to find it anywhere...

The link is down :/, It was (in my opinion) quite a crappy-ish booster anyway, so I'm busy updating a lot of stuff, look forward to a better Phoenix booster in the nearby future ;)
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Oh, alrighty! I'm lookin forward to it. I hope it isnt one that switches skins.... I have no idea how to do the hex editing myself, so I end up with that weird switch back issue, where you turn up as a random character. I thought I finally found one, but then I used a buff and BOOM. Phoenix. XD