My custom skins,etc: Warpath, Cyclops, Crossbones, Punisher, Magneto, Batman

Started by iammingy, May 11, 2007, 02:18PM

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Quote from: iammingy on July 27, 2012, 07:45PM
Good idea!!!

Deedoo is right. Quite a few of nodoubt_jr mods used boltons that I exported for him. If I do make the model, it will mostly benefit XML2 players and those who care about fins. lol

Then please do if you have time! They'd be great for an Azrael, Spidey 2099, or New Goblin as well!

Iammingy, have you considered working on some more 'alternate Batman' skins? I was thinking of the not-so-popular Catman (who would look very cool with Wolverine's claws - probably would have to be modified):

...and Owlman (you simply fall in love with him after watching "Justice League: Crisis on two earths":

For the love of God, where can I download that absolutely amazing Taskmaster skin found on page 48?
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