Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Started by ragincajun, March 28, 2010, 10:16AM

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So this is the new Spidey game that's on its way out, supposed to be unveiled at Wondercon next week.  Click the link for details, but my interest is definitely piqued

Let's Hope this one is good. Web of Shadows was...okay


Theres a trailer somewhere for it and it shows theres going to be 4 dimensions and the 2 revealed so far are present-day and noir. The other 2 must be 2099 and the dimension with the transformers crossover :P

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Venom, if you find that trailer, can you post it?  I'd love to see it

EDIT: Nevermind, that was easier to find than I thought.  Here's the trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTJB7g0ULpM Looks pretty cool, but the jury's still out

theres a cosmic spider-man costume (for all 4 reality's) with the pre-order of the game its on the website
which is done in flash animation... sigh... I'm starting to dislike how much that's used...

i like the look of it... it might get me interested in spidey man games again... after that horrible mess from...spidey 3..... *shudder*, I might have liked the story and gameplay of that game...if it didn't crash and glitch every 2.5 mins..., that aside I'm having high hopes for this one and the noir outfit and reality looks pretty neat to me...

Incredibly surprised to see a videogame dusting off Noir. My guess is that the other two dimensions will indeed be 2099 and maybe Reign? House Of M?

i think house of m is a pretty good guess and 2099 is almost guarantied. i'm personally pretty excited for this game

What Spider-Man Playable Heroes Identities are:
Yes, known confirmed 2 be: 2 Peter Parker's + Miguel O'Hara

If the last Spider-Man's Identities was Peter Parker or Pavirt Prabakhar (Indian). There will be confirmed 3 Peter Parker in the game. I was wondering about DLC Symbiote, Stark Armor Costume for the next release. Let's not hope it happens as MUA2 DLC does 5 month ago.
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I think that the last Universe will be House Of M, but I think that 1602 and the Zombieverse are contenders too

the noir stole some moves batman aa (example: the hanging upside down thing.) But it still looks cool.
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Seems like a neat game. I'd wager 1602 and Zombie. I'm a lot more certain of Zombie though consideringthe vast amounts of Zombie stuff out there. Mind you the idea of the Indian Spider-Man would be cool.

Did anyone attend the Apr 3 panel on the Spider-man game? If so, how was it?

because they have a one set in the past already, i think 2099 over 1602, and i think that we'll have house of m because it merely has so much more story-line and gameplay variety potential than zombies, and they could incorporate the other house of m versions of heros in an interesting way. but that's just my reasoning. i'd love to see someone else's reasoning though :D. also though indian spiderman might be cool, it is neither modern nor popular enough, i believe.

My vote's against House of M, cuz there's quite a backstory to that which they would have to explain.  I think probably 2099 and Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider

Personally, I would like to see House of M. I really like the comic series and it would be kinda ineresting.
Maybe he "returns from the dead" and goes after Magneto?