Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Started by ragincajun, March 28, 2010, 10:16AM

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Wait, we will have to beat Juggernaut? It's like stopping Hulk all alone with Spidey!


Oh my! It's Ultimate! And Ultimate Deadpool is an enemy! Yes! I know love the Ultimate Universe as the last one (There was Ultimate Carnage, too! It's Gwen Stacy, right?)! And it's out on September 7!

That's disappointing.  There are so many other universes that could have been more unique.

Maybe. But at least it will be Symbiote Spider-Man. If it would be normal Ultimate Spider-Man, it would be just like Amazing Spider-Man.

The game will probably still be amazing, that much I'd say is safe to say. There's just so much to keep a person's interest, and we don't even know much about the game yet.

Well, I hope that scene, where all the four are united will be in the story. I mean, what would the four, different universe's Spider-Man would say to each other? I'm getting more excited about the game every day

Ultimate is right up my alley, and hey, at least we get to be Black-Suited Spidey in Ultimate instead of just another red and blue.

I just hope, that this time, Ultimate Deadpool will be more like 616 Deadpool (Because in the comics, it was far from being that cool)

Why beenox don't do the pc version?

I don't know.  Why don't you ask them?

I ask them, i am wating for his answer.
OFF TOPIC: Hi teancum, how are you? any news about the battlefront convo pack?

Wow, now that's off topic. BTW, I don't remember anything like this, but I wonder, that this game will be linear or more open-like? I mean, will it be like Friend or Foe or like Spider-Man: Web of Shadows?

i would hope for a more web of shadows style personally, but from what i can gleam it would seem to be more structured.