marvel madden

Started by dimster, December 18, 2006, 09:30PM

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i always custom my own team for pc game "madden", so i am wondering if this forum is good place to share them??

Im interested... sure, share em.

here is first one i made, "venom" as he is my favorite marvel character of all

am working on spider-man next, am trying to made a webbed helmet

here is spider-man, i know it isnt the best but i need some feedback for me to improve my skill at making them lol

here is next one i made, my favorite lady "rogue"

any request? i dont mind made anybody on marvel for your madden fun

Sorry to get back to you so much later, my Madden wasnt working. but those are awesome! ;D

Hmmm could you make a Moon Knight skin plz?

i try my best for moon knight and here it is

it may not look good as others due to no moon knight sprites from marvel vs capcom

This is awesome...what about a generic X-Men uni...not one specific x man

PS: my personal favorite is spiderman, i madde a prettty good red and blue outfit and a black and white Symbiote outfit. Anyone know what position Flash Thompson plays?