Havok alpha 0.20

Started by matt710, May 19, 2007, 08:41AM

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  From the Ashes she will rise.

  From the Ashes she will rise.

I just finished changing the values for the moves.  I also added Energy Disruption (Defense Grid for Havok.) So that means all the moves are done for the alpha version.  The only thing preventing Beta is skin 1902, it still is buggy.  I can't really do much with it now because I won't be around much, but if Teancum finds something wrong with it or fixes it that would fix that.  If not... I will have to look at it more (I didn't find the offset for it yet after looking for 2 hours in total, so it may take a while).  But, once that bug is fixed it is ready for Beta.  Night all.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

wow it looks really good
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  From the Ashes she will rise.