Green Goblin (Movie) version 1.0

Started by Dark_Mark, August 13, 2010, 03:27PM

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The download link says, that the file could be downloaded only 10 times, so I can't download Movie Goblin :(

wonderful character. definitely awesome.

goblin looks cool. respect man!

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He looks fantastic, sorry Im a little late!

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if somebody wanted to update the Green Goblin (a booster would be nice) I have sounds for him... appropriate sounds, even for pumpkin bombs.

Your mod is excellent, however I have a problem, after flying the glider keeps him in the foot. How do I solve this? This mod may conflict with the Green Goblin MUA2?

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I wonder why this mod breaks my game. whenever it's installed, everything goes to crap :(
scratch that, it's doing it for every new char except batman..

How come there is no base attack for him can someone update him pls :greengoblin:

Quote from: Fidor75 on May 08, 2017, 06:14AM
How come there is no base attack for him can someone update him pls :greengoblin:

You must have Official Characters installed first!
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The x_voice file is gone, can anybody reupload it, please?