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Started by scott summers, September 04, 2010, 07:24AM

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My Mods:

:phoenix: :phoenix: :phoenix: Jean ultimate mod:,5201.msg110947.html#msg110947
My Skins:

Hello guys, this is the XML2 version of my releases thread!! As I don't  have XML2 for PC , I can only do skins.
Hope you like it !!
Please, tell me what you think about my skins^^
Storm MUA2 and Storm MUA2 Ghost boxes:

The skin named 0402 is her MUA 2 Astonishing and the one named 0406 is her Ghost boxes aka Uncanny aka Astonishing skin.
Thanks to Marvelfan12345 for the preview pics.
:phoenix:  :phoenix: Jean : TAS Dark Phoenix, Marvel girl classic and new X-Men phoenix,5201.msg102028.html#msg102028

:marvelg:  :marvelg: Rachel ultimate: My design,5201.msg102623.html#msg102623
:phoenix:  :phoenix: Jean - Shadow X:,5201.msg102790.html#msg102790
:phoenix:  :phoenix: Jean - 90s:,5201.msg102999.html#msg102999
:cyclops:  :phoenix:  :emmafrost:  :storm:  :wolverine:  :gambit2:  :rogue:  :marvelg:  :venom: ULTIMATE TEAM:,5201.msg103643.html#msg103643
:phoenix:  :phoenix: Jean - X1:,5201.msg104133.html#msg104133

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Happy haloween!!
I know it's not haloween but The Trick or treat Man (aka Jean_Grey_Phoenix) has some treats to you.
Jean: Marvel Girl, Dark Phoenix TAS and New X-Men Phoenix:

Thanks to deedooo for dark phoenix's face texture^^
Marvel girl:
Dark phoenix TAS:
New X-Men Phoenix:

Love them all :)

MY SKINS                                                                                               MY MODS

Rachel: Long Hair!!

Uploaded with

Jean TAS Phoenix:
Thanks to deedooo for the face!

Uploaded with

Uploaded with


Hello people!!
Here is my new skin: Hellion modern or street gear:

Uploaded with

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