Dark Phoenix Beta (Final? Updated 05/12/08)

Started by matt710, June 03, 2007, 07:01PM

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 :phoenix: Here is the download for Dark Phoenix.  I label this a Beta because most of the bugs are ironed out.  She doesn't seem to crash anymore on my new game, which is good.  Nodoubt_jr also said his didn't crash either.  This fixes most of the surface bugs except the fact that Phoenix Force and Space Warp Inferno don't use energy.  This is weird to me becasue they have definistions under PWR.  Also the only thing I can think is strange is that dark shield's animations won't change even when I try to change them.  If anybody finds any other bugs or solutions to what I said please post it.

Link for download:  http://files.filefront.com//;7685655;;/
Link for development info: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=493.0


Newest Update:


ADMIN NOTE: if you would like to use this mod, please use the version of the mod from the XML2 Character Number Fix to prevent clashes with other mods: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10782.0.html
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new skin looks great :)
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What im currently working on: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=2275.0
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Thanks!  Hope you enjoy it cause you worked hard on it too. :D
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ooh i can't wait...so just to check with you guys, everytime there is a new modified version, we gotta start a new game again right?

generally only if there is any major change.  The changes done to her were minimal, I think just skins and conversation icons.  Nothing was really done to anything too major.  So you should be fine without starting a new game since mainly graphics were changed, as long as you started a new game with the previous version.
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My pitiful attempt to make a new skin for Dark Phoenix:  :bawling:

Anybody know a better skin to try as a base?  Good thing I caught this early enough by testing to see where certain things went.
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Matt, I was wondering about the same thing 2 hours ago... except that I was think about a skin for MUA instead. :thumbsup:
I think that White Queen skin you converted back in early May would be a great candidate for XML2:

Far right:


Can't wait to see more sexy skins from you!!! :laugh:

Actually the one on the right I never converted.  It was the classic white queen with the corsette and cape.  If I do that one she will have a cape, but it may be the only choice I have since I don't know how to edit xml1 skins or else I would have totally tried the one you pictured.   :(
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Really? Oh sorry... false alarm... let me help you find another one.

EDIT: I forgot that it was ripped from PS2. I don't know how to edit those either... :(

Thanks, there are plenty of xml1 skins that I thought of fooling around with, but I can never find the offsets or anything looking remotely similar to the skins.
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Thats actually a great idea.  I never thought of her cause I never really saw her since she wasn't shown in the game.  Thanks
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Actually after I do that one I was thinking of doing this one for her.  Polaris will be an excellent base for both.
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Hey... before you start skinning, I recommend you reskin the whole BMP white and insert it back into the skin, just to see if the skin has any unwanted "bumps" in the game. In this case, your time and effort won't be wasted. :)

Ah... more boob jobs for you... lol

thanks for the tip.  I guess I should have been a plastic surgeon.  :laugh:
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