Dark Phoenix Beta (Final? Updated 05/12/08)

Started by matt710, June 03, 2007, 07:01PM

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I have update files to go along with my Dark Phoenix mod.  It adds her AOA and Dark Future Costumes to the roster with new conversation huds to go along with them.  The skins can be seen here:  http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=572.15

This file has the skins, hud heads (conversation), package files, loading screen (just to see if it would work  :)) and an updated herostat in text form.  There is a readme in the zip file to tell you where to put the stuff.

So without further adeu.  Here is the link to download it:


PS:  Havok will be updated as well by Friday morning.
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Havok won't get done until I can figure out how to do his 3d hud.  But I did add another skin to dark phoenix's wardrobe.  It is the end Madeline.  Enjoy!


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@ Matt710 -- You should just be able to reskin Havok's 3D hud like any other one, but if you're having trouble just post which skin you want the HUD for.  I'll do one up for you on Sunday/Monday.

Thanks I got it.  I was just confused that I saw a whole body.  I just assumed that since it was a hud head it would only be the head.  But anyway, I did one for Havok and the update for him will be ready by tomorrow.
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How do you install the downloads into the game. I am having trouble with that. I know I downloaded it correctly I just dont know how to install them into the game.

Just move the files where the readme directs.  There are three downloads for the mod (1 base and 2 updates) so make sure you have all of them.  Also you have to get xmlbcui to edit the herostats.  Once you have it you have to decompile the herostats.engb, add the phoenix herostats from the last update (just either paste in the one extra slot in xmlb or paste over an existing character), and recompile.  If you need any clarification feel free to ask.
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matt your Dark phoenix mod rocks I'm 1/100 to thank you for you sharing your mod!

Thanks, no problem.  I was helped a lot in the beginning when I didn't know anything about modding and downloaded Burning Rage's and Teancum's cool mods.  Now I guess it is my turn to supply.   :)
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Look for an update coming soon. (1-2 days)

It will include:

9 skins total
new, non-conflicting character selection portrait
New load screens (which you will be able to pull up in the review screen)
New comic with boosts (I don't know how to put it in the game, but it should work with the all comics code)

I will do this after finishing an update on Emma 

(the 9th skin:) 
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Just to let everybody know I added a load screen and comic for Dark Phoenix in this thread:


There is a text file which shows the format for compiling it.  Just do a search for the characters you want (load and comic) and add them to your review_paths.engb.


***Coming Soon:  Dark Phoenix Update 2.0 ***
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July 05, 2007, 11:50AM #55 Last Edit: July 05, 2007, 12:30PM by matt710

Dark Phoenix Update by Matt710

Note thank you everyone for their help.  Thanks nodoubt_jr for supplying the bases for the madeline skin, entities, talents, powerstyles, and herostats.  I converted the white phoenix skin from Darkmythology's MUA Phoenix mod. 

Dark Phoenix Mod Update:

9 Skins
9 Conversation Huds
2 3D Huds
1 Menu Portrait (with an alternate)
Abilities added to PSP version
Mostly working sound (except abilities)
Updated Icons from PSP version

New to this version:

Emma Frost Dark Phoenix Skin and Huds from Endsong
Updated Herostats
Added my Madelyne Prior The End skin and huds
New portrait file that doesn't conflict with others.


Just drag the folders to the XML2 folder and drop.  For the characterheads package and herostats engb, text files have been provided for you to compile into your game's files.  Please note that you should back up anything before writing over it!!!! 

See my Load Screens/Comics Update

Coming soon:
Professor X Update
Havok Update
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I forgot I still had to do something, she will be rereleased soon.
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Here it is.   Sorry for uploading the wrong thing.  This will update her animations so they look better in battle.


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Great Update, but is there a way to make the emma frost dark phoenix's hair more blond its kinda green in certain levels

I'll see what I can do.  That was only an alpha of the skin anyway.  I just released it as a place holder.  It is easy to make red heads out of brunettes and vice versa.  But try to lighten and darken the hair too much and then you got a problem.  It is kind of either loosing texture or color.  What I might do is do some pasting to paste emma's hair from her xml1 skin and see how that works.
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