Dark Phoenix Beta (Final? Updated 05/12/08)

Started by matt710, June 03, 2007, 07:01PM

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Based on both actually.  Some are for XM:ND, some are based fully on comics, and some are alterations of real costumes from comics.


Mystique was upped.  I personally like 1a and 4a. Too bad we couldn't just port the skins in...  Oh well that is what custom skinning is for.
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how do i compile the character head?

what file do i open?


use xmlbcui and decompile the character_heads.PKGB  in
Activision\X-Men Legends 2\Packages\generated\maps\package\menus
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Ei Matt can I add these Phonixes to MUA? and how?

The Knowledge Base should provide all your answers to modding. Check the stickied thread Character Mod Catalog in the Mod Releases and Conversions to see if any mods you like are already done before you request them. Merry Christmas!

@ Crescent_Jason -- the animations won't convert to MUA PSP, but the powerstyle, effects, and talents (which are basically text files that contain commands and such) will.  You'll still have to use MUA PSP animations.  If the skins are PS2 skins they will convert fine.

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Just a quick question.
Is everything included in the Dark_Phoenix_Update_2.6, or do I need to download the other files as well?
Looks good, can't wait to try it out.


EDIT: Have looked at the files and it seems complete, so scrap that.
EDIT2: Have just played it, very impressed!

Thanks.  I have been down for a long time due to computer issues, so I don't remember if that is the final version where she has a chance to ressurect herself with Force Mastery.  I will probably be back up in a week or two when I can get my hands on a computer that will be able to handle xml2, since the original computer I was using was fried and doesn't stay on for more than 5 minutes without giving up.  But look for a few updates and boosters when I get back into bussiness.
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It doesn't mention resurrection in Force Mastery, and Cosmic Immunity is locked. I looked in the files and it requires 'dark_hardened' to receive points, but there isn't anything called dark_hardened.

Ok, the edition on the board is proabably not the updated version I have.  I will have to up the better version tomorrow, if I still have the most up to date version that is.  Worst case scenario it will just have to wait until I update it again when I am up and running.
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wow glad to see you back matt710

Alrighty, Dark Phoenix is almost done (just skins have to be added).  Her sounds are great, especially the phoenix sound fx during some of her moves.  I ripped 2 phoenix sounds from the 90's series that go well with the mod.  The other thing I did was add about 6 sound files extra for Goblin Queen since they both use darkp_m (makes sense since they are both dark forms of Jean).
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Dark Phoenix Final?? Update by Matt710

Note thank you everyone for their help.  Thanks nodoubt_jr for supplying the bases for the
madeline skin, entities, talents, powerstyles, herostats, and for Jean's XML1 sounds.  I
converted the white phoenix skin from Darkmythology's MUA Phoenix mod.  Also thanks to
shafcrawler for supplying the Dark Phoenix X3 skin and 3d hud.  I converted all skins to PS2 format.

Dark Phoenix Mod Update :

10 Skins
10 Conversation Huds
4 3D Huds (with one alternate)
1 Menu Portrait (with an alternate)
Abilities added to PSP version
Working sound (complete)
Updated Icons from PSP version

New to this version:

Updated 0259 skin and hud so hair doesn't have the two tone area.
Force Mastery also has a chance to ressurect her.
Added shafcrawler's skin and 3d hud.
Added sounds!!!!!
Cleaned up the skins.

If you would like to use the original skin set from the previous update replace 61 in the herostat with 58. 

The skins are:

51 - Dark Phoenix (Original)
52 - Phoenix (Green with muted yellows)
53 - White Phoenix of the Crown         (Made by DarkMythology's)
55 - Goblin Queen (Original)         (Template by Nodoubt_jr)
56 - Dark Future
57 - AOA Dark Phoenix
58 - Goblin Queen (The End) <not in herostats>
59 - Dark Phoenix (Emma Frost)
60 - Black Queen (Dark Phoenix)
61 - X3 Dark Phoenix              (Made by Shafcrawler)


Just drag the folders to the XML2 folder and drop.  For the characterheads package and herostats
engb, text files have been provided for you to compile into your game's files.  Please note that you should back up anything before writing over it!!!!  I am not responsible for anything that may happen once you add this, it is your own choice to install.  There are no problems found that
would hurt the program or computer when I tested it, so there shouldn't be any problems on your version.

Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/8ev89u
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Oops I forgot to mention that if you don't like the new 3d HUD for 0259 (Emma Phoenix), just delete 0259.igb and rename 0259.igb.bak to 0259.igb in the ui/hud/characters directory.  I also swapped her menu_goodbye and menu_action, so if you happened to have Jean and her in the same party their goodbyes would be different.  I hope you all like her with complete glorious sound. 
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um i am new here so i downloaded your dark phoenix 3.0.zip file and I copied and pasted everything  but in the game when I want to play as her I go to change team she is not in the rooster!

PS: I even compiled your text files into the herostat.engb and character.heads. but I am not so sure what I did was Correct.

Please Help me!!