Matt710 Skins: Colossus, Emma Frost, Iceman, Storm, Wolverine & So Much More

Started by matt710, June 10, 2007, 10:39PM

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thanks, that one was a tougher one cause it has multiple offsets.  Now I want to do hud heads for these so that I can put it in a release, however, I have no clue how to do it.  I tried to look in texture finder and found hands in 2503 hud head for helmetless magneto!!!  Am I supposed to see this?  Also the picture is never clear engough and has stripes.  Do you know what I am doing wrong teancum?
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New skin:  Madeline Pryor from The End Alternate Reality

"Ten to fifteen years in the future, the X-Men faced their End when Madelyne Pryor returned to Xavier's school alongside a group of Warskrulls intent on destroying the Institute."  (from

Here is a preview of the skin that I based it off of and the skin itself.  (I gave up one the perfect diamond and circle shapes to show more skin  :D)  Also I cannot get the snake charm from her upper arm to work, so it only wraps around once.

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all of dark phoenix skins work for jean grey in x-men legends 2. just to let you know

Thanks, I knew that.  Dark Phoenix uses Jean Grey's Skeleton and animations since the ones from psp won't work. 
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What are you, like 11?  He makes the mod for you and you call him a nerd?  Yeah, that's great.

the nerd icon --> :nerd:

i didn't call him nerd, i just did that because i sounded stupid because of not knowing that he already know about that. that was the reason and i am greatful that he did the update as i requested it. i am a fan of his for his great work. sorry if i sounded wrong it was not my intention

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No problem, I didn't even know that meant that anyway.  It flew over my head.  Don't worry no harm done.   :)  Anyway, how were you supposed to know that I already knew that?  Also thanks for the defense anyway teancum.
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I am taking a break from skins to work on a professor X revamping mod.  I will be adding 3 new powers, 2 new boosts, one new passive, and one new xtreme.  He will get something like his master hammer skill from xml1, a mind controll power, and a skill like his legend blast from xml1.  Boost wise he will be able to cloak himself and add psychic resistance/def.  Passive wise he will now have mental mastery and xtreme wise he will get back psychic maelstrom from xml1.  He soon will become a much better character to use. 

PS thanks nodoubt_jr for connecting me with his xml1 stuff!   :)
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no problem, just happy your going to make prof x more fun to play with, he never seemed complete to me
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Quote from: nodoubt_jr on June 18, 2007, 09:42PM
no problem, just happy your going to make prof x more fun to play with, he never seemed complete to me

I thought he was awesome with that mental axe thing. I just slaughtered everyone.

I am done with the rough draft of the new powerstyle, talent, and entity files for professor x and now am working at redoing the effects.  Uhg, this is the most monotonous part.   :banghead:
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