Scabbia's stuff- New Skin "Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2"

Started by Scabbia, March 02, 2011, 09:50PM

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Yeah, that's why I thought about it. But I was kinda scared too cause I didn't want to take away from the two people that have made her Astonishing skin already... but, I guess I can add a little bit of my taste to it. (Make her look horrifying, LMAO. Just kiddin') I'll probably just make both so that way people can just choose which one they like best. Heck, Emma fans might use both, never know. :)

Emma Frost as the Phoenix! (Sorry the Astonishing really doesn't look like her actual costume, but I liked how it turned out...and it's shiny lol)

First post already updated!

Oh don't worry about the Astonishing costume, we don't have (sadly) a model that resembles her current costume...
And they look really cool so great job :)
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Quote from: nuhverah on June 26, 2011, 11:55PM
Meowrr~! That's one glinting hawt skin!<33
Easy kitty... lol.

Quote from: whiteking on June 27, 2011, 12:31AM
Oh don't worry about the Astonishing costume, we don't have (sadly) a model that resembles her current costume...
And they look really cool so great job :)
Thank you! I was sooo hopin' you of all people would like em'. Although it sucked cause the head of the Phoenix on the "Astonishing" didn't come out right lol. It's got two heads... (Double the Phoenix lol)

Quote from: Dee❖Dooo on June 27, 2011, 07:03AM
great skins as usual :D

Thank you :) I'm cheesin' now lol

Quote from: MarvelFan12345 on June 27, 2011, 07:52AM
Awesome, I'm glad you choose to do both!

Yeah I am too, I had fun doing it. (Although you should have seen the "Astonishing" one before I fixed it... people would have been blind, she was REALLY shining. lol)

I am glad you did both.  I especially love the astonishing one!
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They both look amazing! I love them :D

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OMG! Emma as Phoenix! :jumping: How I love her! The job is really awesome 'cause Emma looks Fantastic! :)

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I was bored... just fyi... :/
Rogue, Storm, Jean and Emma Frost in Leather... I guess it's my own version of the movie costumes... or just made up leather outfits. However ya wanna look at it.

(I'll add the download in a minute)

Next I'll be making four more ladies. Jubilee and Rachel Summers will be two of them, but I need 2 more that have short hair. Then I'll do the men :)

Awesome new skins, they are some of my favs now! Can't wait for more.

Assuming that you are giving Ray and Jubes short hair, then I would recommend adding Dazzler. She has sported short hair quite a bit and you can pick it being either blonde or pink! The only other X-women who look good with short hair imo would be Sage, Karma, Wolfsbane, or Surge. If you are gonna do more longer hair X-Women later than I would suggest Kitty, Polaris, and Psylocke.

Totally forgot bout Dazzler. I'll do her hair in pink since most of her skins have blonde hair. And I think I'll do Surge. She doesnt have enough skins...  :)

I thought about doing Kitty, Psylocke and Polaris on Kitty's Model, cause I'm doin' a personal skin on that model as well. But I could do it on that model to. (Wont take long at all lol)