Scabbia's stuff- New Skin "Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2"

Started by Scabbia, March 02, 2011, 09:50PM

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Hmmmm, I have had that problem when I use Moondragon and Jean Grey.  I bet there is a fix for it (just don't know what it is).  I'll let you know if I find out.
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Wow, the Wasp mod is amazing! So much fun to play that the mod actually makes me appreciate the comic book character better..!
You should add her to the Character Mod Catalog, it's a bit hard to find now - I wouldn't have known about it had I not done some specific searches for her and Giant Man.

Actually, I thought the mods were added at one time. Don't ask me. They should have been added to the catalog a long time ago.

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Ah- just had a 'no powers'-bug when I had both Wasp and Invisible Woman on my team. Was there a fix for these kind of issues?
Apart from that, she works perfectly. A truly amazing mod.

The above occured while I was using a certain Invisible Woman booster. I edited out the booster, and for some reason I now didn't get the 'no power' bug anymore when I put her and the Wasp on the same team. Everything works as it should. So, please ignore the bug thing. The compliments are all the more valid!

Glad it worked out ^_^

I'm not getting much time to work on Claire at the moment, so I'm releasing her RE2 outfit. Sorry guys. For now, I'll just be doing skins.

Click the picture for the download.

The skin looks awesome! I can't wait for the full thing, not matter how long it takes!

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Hey Scabbia,

I noticed one issue with the Wasp mod. Her 'Sting Ray' power is relatively overpowered. On higher levels, it does far more damage than any other power in the game.
While the damage settings in the Talent file are the same as those of powerful beam attacks of several other characters, the settings for leveling up the power are not, and that is what causes the difference. If you want to scale the power down to a more 'normal' setting for the game, the last part of the Sting Ray section in the Talent file should be changed to:

      level {
      description = %wasp_p5_dmg $DMG\n%wasp_p5_pwr $EP ;
         tier {
         cost = 2 ;
         count = 3 ;

         tier {
         cost = 3 ;
         count = 1 ;

         tier {
         cost = 3 ;
         count = 4 ;
         difficulty = hard ;

         tier {
         cost = 4 ;
         count = 1 ;
         difficulty = hard ;

         require {
         cat = level ;
         level = %wasp_p5_req ;

I didn't have that issue in game... Plus, it's  just pretty much copied from someone ele's power, I don't mess with the numbers, only with what I need to, which is pretty much the names.

Well, it's not a bug & won't cause any problems. It's more for personal preference of balancing powers. The damage coding is the same as the one used in other powers: I've seen it in Ms. Marvel's 'Prism', in the Uni-Beam from MUA2 Iron Man, some others as well), but the leveling-up starts earlier and therefore can go further, enabeling damage levels far beyond those that Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, etc. can reach.

The coding I posted makes the power thus that you can level it up four times (four out of ten 'balls': three with a cost of 2, one with a cost of 3) instead of ten, just like with those similarly scaled powers.

Hello everyone!
It's been awhile since I've posted or have done any work to provide to this community. Glad to see everyone is stil here and there and all the new comers. (welcome to all who have joined since I've been gone. :) )

So, been working on getting back into modding as I've gained more time. With this said. I have a couple mods I have in mind. I went back and downloaded this Rogue Overloaded booster I created back in the day. Not really impressed. I enjoy it, but it does not feel like the Rogue I enjoy in the comics. With this said, I am working on a Rogue Overloaded 2 booster. This booster will hopefully be more of a Rogue feel than the first.

However, this is a future project, I want to continue to work on what I wanted to bring into MUA originally. With the new release of Resident Evil 2 Remake, I would love to bring Claire Redfield into the MUA universe. However, I'm only able to do codework at this time until further notice.

If someone on the artistic side of the modding community would like to help in this particular area of the mod, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate the time and effort. (This includes skins, mannequin, power icons, huds and load screen.)

In the meantime, I will be working on the Claire Redfield mod and if no takers will take up this request, i will then proceed to Rogue Overloaded 2 booster.

Again, glad to see everyone here at Marvel Mods! :) Looking forward to continuing my work.

Welcome back! I wasn't here last time you were here but I'm glad to see people coming back, I love RE and I love Claire so I'm pretty excited to see it, if you need help with the sounds let me know as that is the type of mods I have been making.

Oh we also have a pretty active Discord server by the way so feel free to join that if you like!