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Started by 4elementsefww, April 11, 2011, 05:34PM

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Started drawing some marvel and I decided to make a topic here so I could share.

Here is Storm from the new x-men anime:

Here is Cyclops from the x-men anime:

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Wow both are amazing work! You should do the other anime characters as well like Wolverine, Beast, Jean, etc. to make a whole team.

Thanks :).  I did these two today when I was not in class.  I tried to find a good pic of jean to reference, and same with emma so I could do them also but I didn't see any yet.  I'll probably do those and the others soon.
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Cool. I'll post some of Jean in a moment. Don't know any for Emma (or Armor in case you may want her as well).


BTW do you just draw X-Men or other stuff as well?

Thanks for the pics.  I knew that jeans wasn't as technical as the other's costumes so even if I hadn't found a pic, I porbably could've done it by memory, but since you posted those I won't have to do that so thanks.

I actually draw a lot.  I love to draw.  I've never drawn comic characters (DC or marvel) before and since today I drew some marvel, I decided to post.  If you click the link in my signature,  you'll see my deviantart, but I don't really post a lot of my drawings there.  The only ones there, besides these 2 are shugo chara drawings.  I usually draw anime type drawings, but I draw other stuff too.
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Cool, I'll take a look, because from your sketches of Cyclops and Storm I can tell that you have some really great talent.

Thanks that means a lot.  I really appreciate it.  :)
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Here's Emma and Armor ;)

Emma is not that hard, basically she and Jean has the same costumes than their comic counterparts with some new details ;)

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Thanks for posting those pics whiteking.  I think out of everyone, cyclops had the more technically challenging suit, mainly because of the layers, collar, and shoes.  Hisako, Jean, and Emma should be the easiest ones. 
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The art work looks great, I love Storms head lol!

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They're really nice, I really look forward for X-Men anime fanarts, since that kind of drawing style is definitely my thangg..XD
Good job!

Cool job! I'm very impressed! Can't wait for your next Artwork!

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Thanks you guys.

Also @midnightphoenix123 lol glad you like storm's head
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Quote from: 4elementsefww on April 13, 2011, 05:48AM
Thanks you guys.

Also @midnightphoenix123 lol glad you like storm's head

HA HA! Its the best head ever! :P

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Here is my take on what the x-men, from the anime series would look like if they were chibitized (put in chibi form).

I couldn't wait to show you guys, so I had to upload.  The quality is terrible, so later today, I will scan them, and then repost them.  That way the quality is better.

Here is the order I did them in:

Storm, cycke, hisako, wolverine, beast, jean, and emma

Jean and Emma look terrible, since I had to use art from the actual show instead of the promo art, you know where they show the whole person, front, back, and side.  Jean and Emma didn't have the promo art so I had to draw what I could more or less see. 

For some reason to me the emma one looks like it's in the superhero squad style of art, I think it's because I drew her so tiny, compared to the others

BTW this is my first attempt EVER to draw Chibi.

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