4elementsefww Artwork

Started by 4elementsefww, April 11, 2011, 05:34PM

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WoW! Amazing job! I think it was hard, isn't it?

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AWW thanks You guys!! :D

@nuhverah  I thought the emma background wouldn't really match, but I liked how it looked with her.

@rogue  Since I had already drawn the characters, I had to just trace over them and fix thing, like emma's head, her eye (if you notice one is majorly crooked in the original), her hands, and I slimmed down the bottom half of her thigh (I thought it would look more proportionate), and then I just had to color with didn't take long, except the making sure color doesn't go outside the lines.  With storm, I got a little lazy with the coloring lol.  I kept her original shading for the most part.  I redrew her head and face, added the missing part of the shoe that got cut off from the original, fixed the hands somewhat, and tweaked the hair, and then I just had to completely the face with shading, but that was pretty much it.  I found it fun looking back on old drawings (storm: 9-21-11, emma: around 7-1-11) and finding my mistakes, or things I didn't like, and redrawing them to hopefully see an improvement. 
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