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Started by KaiserBreath, June 16, 2007, 10:26PM

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i found out in MUA PSP, the powerstyle is in the assetsfb.wad\packages\generated\characters. However, it is in .fb format. Meaning I need something like gambit_fightstyles.fb. How do I do this?

You finishing the work that Piccolo started last year, Kaiser?
I'm sure my friend will definitely appreciate some PSP mods, especially if you find out how to release Piccolo's Colossus and MK modding for PSP.

As of this morning I got Colossus and MK on my PSP, working on trying to mod in a few others at the moment as well - I'm very new to this though :P

Yay! My comrade and I shall enjoy MK and Colossus added to our hero arsenal.

it woule be better if someone can provide me the .zss .zsm sound files. Now can someone help on gambit? Thanks. I can allocate attacks but unable to use them. Even melee attacks are not useable.

BliZZ? Teancum? Any Marvel Modder or Moderator? (most definitely not me)

*.zss (containing the sounds of all XML2 characters) can be found in this thread:

EDIT: It's one big file and I am not sure if it works in PSP. Good luck! :thumbsup:

Nvm then. How do I decompile .fb file?

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regarding MK's voice, please read this:

Quote from: Noelemahc on March 20, 2007, 08:03AM
Holy sheep! I hadn't expected the PS2 files to work on the Box. Let's try this the same way then, with the other files...
This here has MK's first costume and the voices for both him and Colossus. Rename ENM to ZSM and ENS to ZSS for proper readings.
I WILL get you the X360 sounds once I get them - which will be by the end of this week, probably.

For the PSP... The packages are different ONLY for the PC, they are universal across the other platforms...

First, test it with an existing char, here's Moony again:
And if THAT works, here's Hawky:
That will spare you the misery of adding Hawky only to find out he won't work (b-sides, you will need different mannequin menu FBs for using the PSPers).


Quote from: KaiserBreath on June 17, 2007, 01:10AM
Nvm then. How do I decompile .fb file?

Hex-editor could be one of the tools you need...

HOLY Chocolate egg it works! I will release the final version now.