PSP - colossus moonknight full working WITH sound.

Started by KaiserBreath, June 17, 2007, 02:15AM

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Kaiser --- I'll give you hand with FB files when I get home from vacation.  I've been meaning to write an FB guide in the Knowledge Base anyways.

Kaiser -- did you have to replace anyone?  I'm curious if you had to remove anyone on the PSP -- that would let us know if it has more character slots.

I replaced Gambit with Human Torch this morning to get him working, but I can test out any spot you'd like really.  Let me know if it'll help you see the available slots.

Well, I'm more asking if you can get more than 27 characters on the PSP.  Mind uploading your current herostat?

Here is the current one I messed with this morning when putting Gambit in.

Let me know your thoughts.

Huh.... Does the game run at all using this herostat?  You've got 29 characters defined for the engine (not necessarily selectable).  If it runs then you can have at least 29 characters, probably 30.  3 will have to be 'invisible'  (like selecting Ronin then pushing up) but if it does work you've got potential.

Yeah the game runs with that  - the only thing I noticed was before I put Gambit in, MK's name came up to select him (not an image or mannequin just a black spot with a name of his), and today nothing to select MK came up.

Also - the saved file I had at the time had Ms. Marvel on my 4 player team and I noticed that she loaded with Gambit, but when I changed her out to someone else, she wasn't on the character screen to select after that - so she and MK must be in another slot that isn't seen - the invisible selection you're talking about.

But yes the game runs fine - no other isses with it or the characters off of that herostat file.

Yeah, they are.  That's actually an incredibly good thing believe it or not.  If those all work then we're actually doing really well.  So at this point check out the Gambit files I posted in the other thread.  If they work we'll go from there.  I'll do the same trick I did for the Xbox and create some hidden locations on the stage by editing team.fb for you. 

So anyways, if Gambit works fine, then upload team.fb.  If not we should work on Gambit first.

Do you want me to put it in just like you have it or change his fb values to the one I had in my earlier herostat with 1301, 1302 and 1303?

If I put him in with your #'s, do I have to edit my herostat file?

Just like I have it, but change the herostat accordingly.  13_gambit becomes 70_gambit and 1301, 1302, etc become 7001, 7002, etc.

Hmm.. that one froze my PSP when I selected Gambit, had to do a hard restart - so loaded straight in, that doesn't work :(

Yeah I asked Kaiser to upload Gambit's PSP FBs from XML2 and iceman_0801.fb from MUA.  I built Gambit with a combination of his and Iceman's animations, so if I use PSP animations and models we will probably have better luck.  This first run was just a test to see if the PSP could use Xbox stuff.

3zazer1 is looking towards replacing Capt. Marvel (who rocks) with Magneto.

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Congratulations on your ascension to Marvel Modder, Kaiser.

Also, who do Moon Knight and Colossus replace.