Deedooo's Mods [20/3/2013] Hulkling, Wiccan, Speed 1.1, Patriot, Havok

Started by Quentin Hex, August 04, 2011, 10:30AM

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Love the Speed mod. Found a minor bug, when I grab an enemy, Speed doesn't finish him off, you know after holding him then punching him, like when Thor grabs an enemy his finishing move is to hit him with the hammer.
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Your Young Avengers mods are great and fun to play as. Props. :rockon: I have a question since you're on a roll with that team: Are you planning on doing Kate Bishop anyt... wait, that didn't sound right... (haha!) I mean, are you planning on creating a Kate Bishop mod anytime soon? I hope so. Her and Patriot go hand-in-hand together, and I could then create a Young Avengers team bonus. If you need a moveset for her, let me know. I'll post a moveset for her (which will differ from :hawkeye: Hawkeye) and others at my moveset thread soon. As for skin ideas, how about these..?

The first one there is her primary obviously. The second one is that dress with Black Widow's belt. The third is I guess her street clothing, and the fourth can be the one when she wore a variation on Clint Barton's outfit. If you decide she's next, let me know if you need a moveset.

Amazing stuff around here Deedooo! I'm really impressed. I'd love to have MUA to play with your mods :)

@Outsider: Yeah the team hasn't really felt complete without any of the female members :p She's been on my list for a while, I just haven't put the time in to make Kate yet. I think I'm set on the moveset and skins, though I do appreciate the offers! For powers I was going off of the "Hawkingjay" joke in the comics and the fact that her costume from "Family Issues" to Marvel NOW had batons strapped to the side and having a mix of bow and baton powers to make her unique from Hawkeye. I do love the interest in her though and I think I'll look into at least starting her before going back to school!

@Marvel Watcher: I'm glad you like them! I wish you could play them too! :3

Hulkling Mod V1.0
Click for Download

Oh Dear this mod took a while to release. It was like 90% done for a long time but I left the forum for a while and just got caught up in school and personal problems. It doesn't have an mannequin yet but I just wanted to release it too much. I love Billy and Teddy so much and it's really a great feeling to be able to release him. I recently went and bought the two new Young Avengers comics and goodness they are amazing. They're actually what inspired me to come back here and finish up/make more mods in the first place. But I digress. In the future I'd love to fix some of the fiddly skin-changing stuff and maybe get a custom modler to do some work because the head isn't my favorite or the most "Teddy" but given the model options it's the best I could do.


ModernOriginalFuture (Captain Marvel)Marvel NOW

Powers (Click names for previews):

Avenging Jab
: A powerful melee punch.

ShapeShifter's Wings
: Attacks with wings to barage enemies and causes knockback.

Anger Management
: Hulkling pounds the ground with his fists, damaging enemies in an increasing radius.

ShapeShifter's Claws!
: Slash attack with a high chance of getting a critical hit.

Winged Avenger
: Charge against enemies, and objects, knocking them back.

: Hulkling beats his wings, frightening enemies which severely lowers their stats and causes them to flee.

Skrull Metabolism
: Elevates Hulkling's healing factor.

Hulkling Smash!
: Hulkling dives into the ground, causing a shockwave of wind and physical damage.

Known Bugs:
-When flying he occasionally stays in his winged form after landing.
This can be fixed by doing a jump smash or executing one of his winged powers
-If you change skins mid-game his winged form will be the same as the previous skin you used.
To fix this you must save, quit and reload the game.
-Report anything I missed? It's a bit of a fiddly mod...

Future Updates:
-Different models (perhaps custom?)
-Possible fixes to skin-changing glitches

Norrin Radd - Angel Mod, from whence I got some of the powers/coding
Hyperman360 - Loadscreen
Tien shinhan - Compiling icons
Pentasaurus - Compiling HUDs
Marvintage & Dihan - Advice about skin-swaps
Tell me if I forgot anyone!

Moderator Edit

"The original Hulkling mod caused the game to crash at the Bifrost Bridge, just before you meet the Wrecking Crew, due to one of his skins clashing with the Wrecker's NPC skin. I have replaced the download link with the fixed version, which was done by veteran MelloMods. Those of you who have Hulkling, install this new version." -- Outsider

Hulkling looks very awesome!!! Gonna try this out!! ;) Great job, DeeDooo! :applause:
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Indeed it's awesome! :D
I might try this out as well along with several others to form a Young Avengers team in my roster :)

AHHH! I am so excited for Hulking!!  :runaway: Now he can go with Wiccan and it will be fantastic :D Fa-nominal work as always Deedooo!

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This looks great :D
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Seems the Havok mod is no longer available. Can someone reupload it or make it available somehow? Thank you

Sorry to bump this, but can anyone help with reupload of the Havok mod, or at least send me the file? I lost the mod a few days ago after a crash, and I've been able to recover everything for my MUA install except this. Please help

Havok's link needs to be updated. Someone, help us.
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I reuploaded it to one of my google drives until  deedoo could reupload it himself.

Just click file, and then download. Should work fine
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Quote from: Oddark123 on June 15, 2014, 01:12PM
I reuploaded it to one of my google drives until  deedoo could reupload it himself.

Just click file, and then download. Should work fine
That's sweet, Oddark123, thank you very much!
The original Mar-Vell is the only Marvel that matters.