nshinnosuke's NEW MODS - She Hulk, X-23,Deadpool, Ultimate Jean Grey booster,

Started by nshinnosuke, September 08, 2011, 09:49AM

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X-23 and She Hulk are getting released now for christmas as my christmas present :P
I hope everyone will enjoy these small gifts

She-Hulk  :shehulk:


X-23  :x-23:


special credits : iammingy, Norrin Radd, Blaw and others specified in the text file

note : if you have installed the old X-23 mod before, delete the file fightstyle_x23.engb from your data/fightstyles directory otherwise my new one will have some non-working powers . my new fightstyle is named fightstyle_x23.xmlb not engb
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

Wow thank you, they both look amazing! Merry Christmas :)

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Oh my God! These mods are perfect! I can't wait for you next work.

Your ultimate Jean booster is bloody brilliant!

Your booster + MvC3 model of her = Sheer awesomeness! <3

Epic job!!!

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Both looks incredible!
Great job! :)
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I'm glad that everyone seems to like them,
so what are the bugs found in them?
so far I noticed that X-23's second power sometimes turns her intangible after the power ends,
her fifth power has errors in the talent file
She Hulk's third power is unlocked at level 1 as opposed to level 7
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

So are the two jean grey downloads are they both boosters or is one a mod.?

The other one ? Do you mean the old messy overpowered one ? Thats just a booster while this one is a mod as far as I remember. Correct me if I'm wrong
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P

I didn't think you were going to be able to complete She-Hulk.  But you did!  Thanks for these very nice Christmas presents!
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um yeah finally it is finished with different powerset, I tried to make her feel less like a Luke Cage clone but I couldn't :(
Jean Grey is my number 1 heroine :P