Magneto mod version 1.9.1 (Z) (fully compatible with OC 1.2)

Started by Dark_Mark, July 07, 2007, 01:33PM

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woops sorry. my bad. i shud b more specific with my question, what i meant was there any change to the powers, but i guess not. thanx..

dark_mark pls add my id i want to ask u a few questions regarding the magneto mod, i am new to this and dunno what to do :|

You can paste your questions here, as long as it is relevant to the topic.

ok...i am new to this "mod add thing" so i have a few questions and i am also clueless about installing the mod :| everything is just so confusing i wanted to ask him an archive with Magneto mod already done for MUA, unpack archive - copy to game dir - and play ( without any ovewrites and changes of some fields that are in some files, so i've read quickly )

and my second question -> if i install magneto mod will it overwrite any of my MUA characters ? or will it appear in an extra spot next to the heroes

hope u understand what i wrote, thx for who ever replyes :)

Everything you need to know is on the main page of
Remember to also check my readme.txt file in Magneto's archive.
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

i have prob with Magneto, i extracted it in the MUA dir, next i used XML and decompile herostst.engb, i selected Edit from the XML menu-option and replaced the field of Spider-woman ( and menu location = "12" ) with that of magneto from the heroes.txt, i saved it and Compile.\

when i enter game Spider-woman is still there, why isn't magneto ? when i used XML and decompile again in stead of Magneto's info there was Spider woman's info although i SAVED it before Compiling it

any help pls....

are you sure you compiled it as herostat.engb instead of herostat.xmlb?

omg u'r right !! that was my prob i was compiling it as *.xmlb instead of *.engb

thx a lot, now it works! :D

You could create a topic in the Technical Problems board.

i noticed that the skin of magneto doesn't not look so good as the other MUA chars they have better quality and more realistic features like muscles and their hole body , where did u get his skin? can u make another version of magneto like the one in the xbox images from the official site? i'm greatefull for the version of magneto but i am a perfectionist and i want to play with him and other chars at their full graphics specs....thx

I think theses skins are custom made by Dark_Mark, you should be able to find the XML2/MUA versions from cvc's mod, in the Character Mod Catalog in this forum. After you download them, just replace the files in the actors folder with the right numbers (obviously, a perfectionist would already know or be on its way to knowing in detail how to do all this).

There is one in the game, and I think iammingy posted some Magneto skins in his custom skins thread.

Well said boreman, thanks a lot! ;)
And yes, all my models are made by myself, entirely from scrap.
You may freely use and modify my work as long as you give me proper credit - there's no need to ask for my permission.

Well I for one think your Magneto models are freaking awesome and the only ones I will use.