Scarlet Witch & Iceman Boosters

Started by StormyTempest, October 14, 2011, 02:36PM

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October 14, 2011, 02:36PM Last Edit: October 23, 2011, 05:43AM by StormyTempest
I made a booster for Scarlet Witch. I might have made her too powerful.
update: (added flight)
Here's the new skills list:
1. Gravity Void - makes enemies suspended on air.
2. Exploding Spell - charges objects and enemies on range.
3. Probable field(Boost or Debuff which should it be?) - makes enemies on range smaller(decrease attack) and have chance of damaging, and increases her def
4. Hex Sentry - sets a sentry on the ground that attacks enemies that come too close
5. Teleport - teleport then cast misfortune on enemies from the destination
6. Probability Enhancement (passive) - increase her defense and attack rating, and chance to dodge
7. Shield Charm(Passive) - increases resistances

Retained but made more powerful:
1. Hex Bolt - now casts several bolts and have more damage; also have different damage type; each different damage type has different effects like fire type damage causing harming, and cold type damage causing slow;
2. Reality Shift - raised chance of turning enemy to crate
3. Hex Locked - now up to 80% critical damage on the highest level, also increased the non-critical damage, increased chance of critical chance
4. Hex Explosion - now has a larger explosion range, more damage on explosion and impact
5. Anarchy Assault - either nothing changed or added with boost for allies(but i can't seem to make the boosts work)
6. Amplify Luck - compiled all her original boosters made them more powerful
7. Chaos Mastery - nothing changed
8. Touch of the Scarlet(before Scarlet's Touch) - Now adds energy damage to her melee attacks and increases her Attack rating

credits to nowhere man for the flight effects from mua, and deedooo for the icons

i was planning to make an extreme for her but turns out that xml2 does not support this move so i will continue this on mua

Skill List:

New Skills:
Gravity Void:

Hex Sentry:

Exploding Spell:

Probability Field:

and more...

Awesome booster, finally someone does justice on her.

WOW! God! It looks so cool! Thank you very much fot this!

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October 15, 2011, 11:48AM #4 Last Edit: October 15, 2011, 01:37PM by White Queen
WOW it looks beutiful, i will definetly try it.

EDIT: I tried it and its AMAZING. I was battling Enchantress in the Danger Room ( a Magic vs Magic Duel ) and i totally overpowered her.

i have just made another upgrade; i changed her skeleton using that of ms. marvel and applied flight on her, powers are still the same

October 16, 2011, 01:26AM #6 Last Edit: October 16, 2011, 03:26AM by White Queen
Amazing, thanks so much for the booster its awesome. :-)

Flight is a good feature to add, now Scarlet Witch is even more powerful. Best Scarlet Witch Booster for XML2 ever. :-)

:scarletw:  :scarletw:  :scarletw:

Fantaaaaactic job!

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Amazing, you might want to release the Iceman booster into this topic.

October 20, 2011, 08:02AM #11 Last Edit: October 28, 2011, 08:46AM by StormyTempest
my iceman booster
new link:
new powers:
1. ice beam - combined freeze and slow beams
2. ice mine - trap that damages enemies that comes too close to it.
3. ice suit(boost) - combined ice armor and ice gloves
4. frozen bomb - time bomb-like attack that explodes an enemy damaging those that are nearby
5. winter wonderland (boost) - aura of ice that damages enemies in range for a time
6. brain freeze(passive) - adds harming damage for all attacks
retained powers:
1. ice shards - now has increased number of shards
2. arctic burst - increased damage, added effect
3. cold crush - increased damage, increased number of projectiles
4. ice pillar - increased damage, increased number of pillars
5. Cold snap - added cold crush projectiles
6. ice sidekick
7. cold mastery - added chances to freeze and slow enemies
8. piercing cold
9. elemental combat
10. ice slide - made passive, added ice shards
:iceman: :iceman: :iceman: :iceman: :iceman: :iceman: :iceman:

i can't think of other moves for him now, but i'll get back to him later.

Iceman was a GREAT boost, but his residual cold damage passive and Ice Suit don't work. The animations are there,but no damage is absorbed and the passive doesn't do any Damage Over Time

That's cool, friend! :)

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