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Author Topic: MUALover's Releases : Quick Announcements!  (Read 229789 times)

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Re: MUALover's Releases : Jean Grey Booster
« Reply #480 on: October 14, 2019, 12:55am »
:phoenix: Jean Grey Booster :phoenix:
A booster for BliZZ's Jean Grey Mod
Preview - GIFs : Here, Here, Here, and here
Preview Video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUFYB4cg-AQ&feature=youtu.be

I decided to release her, but she's still has a lot of bugs. Nevertheless, this booster is done!
There's a couple bugs and errors I know, tell me if there's another bugs/errors. ;) Enjoy!

Backup your files. I'm not responsible for your data loss, damages, etc, for your Laptop and PC. If any errors happens, make sure you start a new game with default stats & without using cheats.

Powerset (Black : Normal Attacks (Telekinetic & Telepathic Powers) ; Yellow : Rage Attacks (Pyrokinetic Powers), which can be enabled via Dark Phoenix boost)
Telekinesis : Lift and throw objects and enemies telekinetically. (Attack)
     Pyrokinesis : Lift and throw objects and enemies while burning them in air for 10 seconds, causing Fire Dmg. (Attack)
Psychic Spike : Fires a mental homing projectile. (Attack)
     Fireballs : Fires a pyrokinetic projectile, burning enemies on impact. (Attack)
Psionic Blast : A radial mental attack inflicting pain on enemies and reducing their damage for a time. (Attack)
     Pyrokinetic Burst : A blast of pyrokinetic energy bursting out, knocking enemies away and burning them. (Attack)
Telekinetic Spin : Grabs an enemy with telekinetic beam and swings him around, doing radial damage to enemies nearby. (Attack)
     Telekinetic Grip : Grabs an enemy with telekinetic beam, and knocking him away, causing powerful knockback. Steer the enemy with the mouse/touchpad. (Attack)
Telekinetic Lift : Release a telekinetic energy that lifts enemies in the air, then hurts them physically after release. (Attack)
     Restraining Wave : Stun and suspend enemies with a blast of pyrokinetic energy, then stun them again after release. (Attack)
Mind Freeze : Freeze an enemy's mind with a beam of telekinetic energy, freezing them for a while, slowing enemies for a time. (Attack)
     Pyrokine Blast : Manifests a wave of pyrokinetic energy, causing massive knockback and burn enemies for a time. (Attack)
Mental Guardian : Summons a little essence of the Phoenix that fires homing projectiles for a time. (Attack)
     Phoenix Fury : Burn enemies with a pyrokinetic energy while suspend them in the air for a limited time, then blast them away. (Attack)
Dark Phoenix : Turns Jean into Dark Phoenix, grants her pyrokinetic-based powers and pyrokinetic-based melee attacks, causing Fire Dmg to all attacks. (Boost)
     Normal Jean Grey : Turns Dark Phoenix into normal Jean Grey, grants her telekinetic-based powers and telekinetic-based melee attacks, causing Mental Dmg to all attacks. (Boost)
Telekinetic Shield : Creates a telekinetic shield that has a chance to deflect projectiles. (Boost)
     Pyrokinetic Aura : Surrounding her self with a pyrokinetic energy, launch enemies to the air while burning them to those who come near. (Boost)
Phoenix Force : Xtreme radial attack. Burst a telekinetic energy, knockback enemies away with great damage. (Xtreme)
     Phoenix Force : Xtreme radial attack dealing mental damage and fire damage with a chance to convert enemies. (Xtreme)

1. v.01
- The 'missing texture' have been added
- Fixed 'switched Phoenix Force' talents typo
- Fixed some typo in the powerstyle
- Fixed Herostat
- Fixed 'Phoenix Force Level Requirement' talents typo
- Fixed 'Passives' talents typo. However, there are 2 passives per skin XD
- New icons for Jean Grey (my second attempt to do Icons, it's bad isn't it? XD) :

2. v.02
Updated icon for Jean Grey
Other Features
1. Added new block effect. Has different block effect when in normal Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix form
2. Added new flying effect. Has different flying effect when in normal Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix form
3. New effects on melee attacks and finishers. Has different melee attacks when in normal Jean Grey and Dark Phoenix form
4. Contains MUA2 Jean Grey sound pack by Marvel Legends
5. Contains 2 passives per skin XD
6. Added 'From the Ashes' passive

Known Bugs
1. There's a problem with the 3rd skin : If you use Dark Phoenix boost, and then you use Normal Jean Grey boost, the skin won't swap into 3rd skin, but instead remains using Dark Phoenix skin
2. Passive is not working on the 4th skin (FIXED in v.01)
3. The 3rd skin contains just 1 passive (FIXED in v.01)
4. Pyrokine Blast has a green layer (missing texture) (FIXED in v.01)
5. Phoenix Force switched sides in the talent (typo on the talent) (FIXED in v.01)
6. Telekinetic version of Phoenix Force has no level requirement (typo on the talent) (FIXED in v.01)

Future Updates
1. Include DeeDooo's and Owl City's skins
2. Fix bugs and errors

How To : Install
1. For the Base Booster :
  • Step 1 : You have to install Official Characters Mod in your MUA, could be downloaded here : http://www.mediafire.com/?53w4s6nk5n8kdm2
  • Step 2 : You have to install the Jean Grey mod, which could be found here, and then install it : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,2471.msg43034.html#msg43034
  • Step 3 : Download my Jean Grey booster, and then copy/drag and drop all files in the RAR file you've downloaded to your MUA directory. (..../Activision/Marvel - Ultimate Alliance/) Don't copy the Readme.txt and Herostat.txt :)
  • Step 4 : After that, go to Heroselect folder (..../Activision/Marvel - Ultimate Alliance/heroselect) and click the herostat.cfg, open it with NotePad
  • Step 5 : Find and replace the 'Phoenix' part in the herostat with the one in the RAR file.
  • Step 6 : Save it, and run the game via HeroSelect.exe, could be found in the heroselect folder
  • Enjoy the booster! :D

2. For the Update :
  • You must have the base booster/previous updates in your game, and download the update.
  • Just overwrite existing file with the file from the Update package.
  • Done!

Credits and Thanks
Marvel, ActiVision, Raven Software, Vicarious Visions and Beenox = For the game
Gevth : For his Nanick Fury Booster (Nanite Nick Fury Booster), using his booster as a base
Owl City : For his MUA2 PS3 Jean booster
nshinnosuke : For his Ultimate Jean Grey booster
MarvelFan12345 : For his Jean Grey booster
Jeanfan321 : Thank you for his amazing tutorial on 'How to give one power to one character to another' and for his Jean Grey's MSHSO Flying Effect
midnightphoenix123 : For his Jean Grey/Marvel Girl booster
Nowhere Man : For his Phoenix booster
marvel_kid : For his Jubilee booster
Marvel Legends/Herzleid : For his awesome MUA2 Nextgen Jean Grey sound pack
BliZZ : For the original Jean Grey mod
White Queen : Thank you for finding me bugs on the Jean Grey booster
You : For downloading :D

Download Links
I recommend you to download the base booster and all updates to prevent you from errors/bugs
Jean Grey Base Booster : http://www.mediafire.com/?kuc8jj6wkvlv0v2
Jean Grey Booster Update v.01 : http://www.mediafire.com/?3e7zanixj4wrb99
Jean Grey Booster Update v.02 : http://www.mediafire.com/?dhn7h1ezozjdzv1

This booster is really amazing for me this is the best.. but i want to ask about first jean skill (Telekinesis) in video review jean can use telekinesis and hold the enemy or objects for a long time but when im try this skill jean grey didnt hold the enemy she just levitate them and push them away even i try to hold the buttton she cant hold the enemy and objects she just push them, is there any other way to fix this?? 

~sorry for my bad english im from Indonesia
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Re: MUALover's Releases : Quick Announcements!
« Reply #481 on: December 27, 2019, 02:04am »
so I whose searching a character mod name Wave and search function lead me to this post but I cant find it?
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Re: MUALover's Releases : Quick Announcements!
« Reply #482 on: December 27, 2019, 06:19am »
so I whose searching a character mod name Wave and search function lead me to this post but I cant find it?
Because one of her powers is called "restraining wave." A search engine just looks for the word "wave," it doesn't know you only want the character.

Please take the time to look through the catalogs instead of constantly bumping old threads.
I literally just looked for the Wave mod and found it in less than a minute.
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Re: MUALover's Releases : Quick Announcements!
« Reply #483 on: December 27, 2019, 07:09am »
Yes, when you want to find a character search here (Ctrl. + F and the name, or manually since it´s alphabetically ordered):

For boosters, the same but here:

And in general, I recommend taking a look here: