Marvelfan12345's Releases: Gambit Booster Released

Started by MarvelFan12345, October 03, 2009, 05:49PM

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Quote from: MarvelFan12345 on July 21, 2010, 03:51PM
With more than a year in the making the Revanche XML2 Conversion is here. Hope she's worth it.

An excellent preview video made by Jeanfan123


NodoubtJr - for the original mod and help with coding

Shafcrawler - for the skins and loadscreen

Iammingy - for the katanna bolton

Ragincajun - for the Classic, Assassin, Outback Armor, and Blindfolded huds

Marquis - for the House of M hud

??? - for the Kwannon hud

Deedooo - for the icons


No mannequin - I'd recommend using any existing Psylocke mannequin as a placeholder until Deedooo is finished with her mannequin

Awesome, thank you very much for your work, especially for Revanche!  I guess there are no news about her mannequin, eh?  :revanche:

hellor, help, the link is brken i want jean grey mod, like the video preview that make dark angel , please, i want that mod, turning jean grey on dark phoenix and those powers please i dnt want the mua 2 , i want oyur origina mod like in the first picture mod