sbarth13 mod releases (9-13-14; quasar, gamora, magik)

Started by sbarth13, May 28, 2012, 09:13PM

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if the numbering thing is a real big problem for everyone, i could change it i suppose. i used gorgons number because he's already in the game as that number. i didn't check the coordinational concepts page before releasing it.

you can use the same number but you HAVE to add _hero to his identifiers for him to work properly. if it still doesn't work, people should read tutorials here more. Others are perfectly capable of installing characters.

Thanks a lot for your help, the mods you do are really great, ive really enjoyed them, I hope you can finishi more characters, xD
thanks a lot, really great job on the mods

end of the world release!!! (justice)

i believe this will give people a New Warriors team (firestar, justice, nova, and penance/speedball)

also fixed a minor bug with Guardian. his Flare power wasn't dealing damage due to not having the '%' before the code for damage in the powerstyle.

changed a skeleton on Dagger. changed/added a power. fixed bug. minor change to icons. altered the effects.

Yay a new mod! Justice should be really fun! Better get to trying him before Friday when we all die :P

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Great to see Justice released and the others get some updates. Will try them soon.
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sbarth, great to see another rarity in your Justice mod. Didn't know much about him, so I decided to read his bio and was very impressed by his story. Thanks for all your contributions.

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Look forward to trying out your Dagger update.  Love those characters.  Even have this bad boy sitting on my desk at home lol

Quote from: Lionsden99 on December 18, 2012, 01:11AM
Look forward to trying out your Dagger update.  Love those characters.  Even have this bad boy sitting on my desk at home lol

That is SO cool!  Do you have any more of those figurines?
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sasquatch is released. he still needs a good 4th skin though. maybe some sound tweaks forthcoming, but is 99% done.

Right when I just started a new game lol. Awesome! I'll try him out on my next playthrough.

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I am having some small issues with your mods: I have installed the Black Bolt, Guardian, Justice and Wonder Man mods (Official Characters Pack 1.2 previously installed, fresh instalation of the game with default settings) and Nick Fury's HUD is not appearing (the non-playable character, not the one in my HeroSelect) and his name, while on conversations, appears as "%NICKFURY%", not simply Nick Fury. Captain Marvel's left Nega Band is not shining anymore and two Wonder Men are appearing in the place of Captain America and Thor at the beggining of the game. Could you tell me how to fix?
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