X-men Edition (MUA Themed) Version 1.0

Started by Jeanfan321, September 22, 2012, 03:28PM

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Instead of placing it in my folder directly, I used the mod to get Dazzler (whose link isn't working), the charinfo, etc. to make my own roster with your boosts. Your mod helped me a LOT in aking my own form of the X-Men team, so thank you very much for your hard work Jeanfan!

Brilliant mod, I have to thank you for putting it together.

However, if I wanted to switch a character out, how would I do so? In my MUA folder, I can't see any of the X-Men in the herostat file?

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I think it is xmenstat.engb (or something like it) and not herostat.

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so if i were to switch skins how would i go about doing that

Speaking of this edition release, then what's next? Rebooted Avengers Edition, Knights Edition, Defenders Edition, Brotherhood Edition, or Villains Edition? -|*-*|- I wonder
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Hey guys, is there an updated file or still the original?