fbExtractor V1.6, fbBuilder V1.0, and cfgBuilder V1.0 RELEASED

Started by Norrin Radd, July 29, 2007, 08:14PM

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ok, then i may look into this when i have time. It is worth it you think?

Yeah, since the maps'll look cleaner and will likely load quicker if they are PS2.

_combined.igb is a very convoluted file.  It's nothing like the standard structure, so there's no real way to chop it up.  What you can do is rename _combined.igb to heli1.igb or whatever level you're replacing.  It works fine, aside from the fact that the PC version uses shaders (which causes flickering) and the PS2/Xbox versions don't.  So until we find a way around the shaders it's pointless.

thanks for the info Teancum

although i'm not clear on how the shaders will affect the game.
are you saying the levels will be pretty much the same, or not? i'm a bit confused

yeah, the levels are basically the same, but for some reason it flickers from RGBA to BGRA in places.  I have no idea what's causing it, I assumed it was the shaders, but I could be wrong.

just tried it out and i wanted to say thank you, it makes things way easier.
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no problem, i'm just glad it works for people and hope it can be useful

i released a new version which makes a package (pkg) file when it is extracting, it is just a rough pkg file that will need to be edited, but its better than nothing

re-uploaded V1.4 since the old link wasnt working anymore

fbBuilder released,
this program can make fb file types from other files using a configuration file
see first post

Quote from: Norrin Radd on July 29, 2007, 08:14PM
fbBuilder by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.0
fbBuilder Download

1. unzip exe and cfg file to a folder
2. place files you want compiled to an fb file type into that folder
3. create the cfg file using the instructions below
4. double click on fbBuilder.exe and enter your cfg file name, the output fb file will be CFGFILENAME.fb, where CFGFILENAME is your cfg file name

How to setup the cfg:
actual_file_name file_path_full file_type
where actual_file_name is the name of the file in the same directory as the exe, file_path full is the full path that is put in the fb, and file_type is the type of file
shared_nodes.engb data/shared_nodes.engb xml
An example cfg file is included, it is the cfg file for xml2 shared_nodes.fb

Thanks to:
Teancum for the idea to make the program and fb file type information, and BliZZ for the usage tip

Link to Modding Rundown: FBs

Thanks much Norrin! 

For those wondering how to convert PKGBs (PC) for use in an FB config, I'll show you a very quick-and-easy way to build FBbuilder configs from PC PKGBs

I'm trying to make fb files with fbbuilder, but I couldn't (OK, maybe I'm not that smart after all). Could you please post another example of using it? I'm trying to make fb file for characters. I'm doing a PS2 mod.
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i can probably post another example in the next few days, but can you tell me more specifically what problems you are having

ok for fbbuilder i added a new example file (it can be found in the zip file) for toadnoanims_3301 from xml1