fbExtractor V1.6, fbBuilder V1.0, and cfgBuilder V1.0 RELEASED

Started by Norrin Radd, July 29, 2007, 08:14PM

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Norrin Radd's fb program pack
NR's fb program pack Download
Contains fbExtractor, fbBuilder, and cfgBuilder. Instructions for each can be found below.

fbExtractor by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.4

This program extracts .fb file types into separate files, which are contained in the .fb file. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

Version 1.6
fbExtractor Download

Added in V1.6:
A cfg is made as FILENAME.cfg where FILENAME is the fb file you are exporting. This cfg file is compatible with fbBuilder

Version 1.4
fbExtractor Download

Added in V1.4:
A rough package file (pkg file) is made as FILENAME.pkg where FILENAME is the fb file you are exporting

Fixed in V1.2
Now the program functions in directories with spaces in them.

======Using fbExtractor======
It's pretty simple. Open the command prompt, go to the directory with the .fb file and type:
fbExtractor.exe fb_file.fb

Or, it can be used like this:
Quote from BliZZ
QuotePut it in c:\windows and Right click/"open with" an fb. Select fbExtractor and check "always open these types of file with it". Then fbs are a double click away from decompiling.

1. During extraction, new folders may be created and files may be overwritten. Make sure to backup any important files before running this program.
2. Put fbExtractor.exe in c:\windows directory (or similar directory for your machine) to be able to use fbExtractor in any directory.
3. If you are not in the directory where the fb_file.fb file is located, it will give an error saying the file could not be found.
4. Lines on the screen that say the following (or something similar):
A subdirectory or file C:\...\.. already exists.
are normal. This is part of the normal operation, it is just saying that the directory mentioned is already in existance and a new directory with the same name does not need to be created.

fbBuilder by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.0
fbBuilder Download

1. unzip exe and cfg file to a folder
2. place files you want compiled to an fb file type into that folder
3. create the cfg file using the instructions below
4. double click on fbBuilder.exe and enter your cfg file name, the output fb file will be CFGFILENAME.fb, where CFGFILENAME is your cfg file name

How to setup the cfg:
actual_file_name file_path_full file_type
where actual_file_name is the name of the file in the same directory as the exe, file_path full is the full path that is put in the fb, and file_type is the type of file
shared_nodes.engb data/shared_nodes.engb xml
An example cfg file is included, it is the cfg file for xml2 shared_nodes.fb

cfgBuilder by Norrin Radd RELEASE V1.0
cfgBuilder Download

This program creates a cfg file from a .pkg file type for use with fbBuilder

1. unzip exe and cfg file to a folder
2. place files you want converted to cfg file types into that folder
3. create the cfg file using the instructions below
4. double click on cfgBuilder.exe and enter your pkg file name, the output cfg file will be PKGFILENAME.cfg, where PKGFILENAME is your pkg file name
(Alternatively you can run it using command line as "cfgBuilder.exe PKGFILENAME")

The filetypes accepted are those in cfgBuilder_info.cfg file so that users can easily change parameters and add/remove filetypes. The format of the file is as follows:
where DIRECTORY is the added directory to the beginning of the file location, and EXTENSION is the file extension. In addition, the '#' at the beginning of a line denotes a comment

Thanks to:
Teancum for the idea to make the program and fb file type information, and BliZZ for the usage tip

Link to Modding Rundown: FBs

Uh, it made all the directories fine, but none of the files actually extyracted. There were just actors, dialogs, etc folders.

I was using it on tutorial1 from XML2PS2.

July 30, 2007, 11:59AM #2 Last Edit: July 30, 2007, 01:20PM by Norrin Radd
hm, it worked fine for me (i used items.fb and another one, i will try tutorial1 later)
i even decompiled the xmlb files it created, with no problems.
i also viewed the igb files and saw the textures

did you do a search on your computer to see if the files were created anywhere?

I keep trying and all I get is empty folders.

July 30, 2007, 02:25PM #4 Last Edit: July 30, 2007, 02:29PM by Norrin Radd
ok i will try using that .fb, but is that the only one you tried? its weird if it makes the correct folders though. Tonight i will download the package i released and test it. But i know that at least i have a working version (although i am not 100% sure if every single byte is in the exact location in the newly created files).

edit: also, what operating system are you using?
(i am wondering because it may be the format that i use to create new files with)

ok, i also use xp, so it should be fine. Don't worry about trying it anymore until i take a look at it.

@ BliZZ -- remember that when you're running a command line program it's gonna have trouble with certain directories.  For instance.  I ran it from C:\Documents and Settings\BLA\Desktop\FB_extractor and got no files, but putting it in C:\FB_extractor fixed that.

July 30, 2007, 02:59PM #8 Last Edit: July 30, 2007, 03:46PM by Norrin Radd
ok, then its the spaces in the directory name (possibly)

if this is the problem, i will fix it

yeah, theres errors when there is a space in the directory name, i'll try to fix it

July 30, 2007, 04:04PM #9 Last Edit: July 30, 2007, 04:48PM by Norrin Radd
ok problem fixed and new program uploaded.

Now the program works from within directories with spaces in them, such as \Documents and Settings\ etc.

BliZZ please let me know if this solves your problem

Although, all of the .igbs (the map itself and the files that go in "models/") don't extract separately, they are all in a file called __combined.igb.

but is that how it is defined in the fb file?

That is the first .igb. There are other ones immediately following it, but they stay as part of it. (Or maybe I am misunderstanding, and they ARE all a part of __combined.igb, and they need to be extracted from that. Dunno)