Cabral's mods (M: The Sentry/ Void, Loki, Odin, Thor, Sif. NM: MK, SW, ANIME).

Started by Julio Cabral, September 24, 2013, 06:59AM

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Saint Seiya Gold Saints
1º Pack: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra
This mod contain: 4 new characters, 4 skins, custom effects, boltons, sounds.
Needs: some huds, mannequins, talents fix.
Get it here:

2º Pack: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius.
Also: Aries fix, new powers for Libra.
Needs: huds, mannequins, talents passives fix.
Get it here:
Bugs: None so far

Final Pack: All gold saints.
New: Sagitarius, Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio
Also: improves on some of them, and animated mannequins for all.
Needs: some huds and maybe more sounds.
Bugs: Some of the grabs won't work, sounds that don't play right; and they may be some problems with the team_xtreme powers.
Click on the pic and enjoy!

Credits: -Raul Vidaurre for all his models from the Saint Seiya games, please support him
-Fredy Yamid Hernandez and all the other guys from Saint Seiya Models Facebook group
-Aventureiromax for some of the huds.
Saint Seiya belongs to Masami Kurumada, Toei Animation and Namco Bandai. And The Lost Canvas Spin-off is a creation of Shiorio Teshirogi.

One of the original characters from the popular game Mortal Kombat, the God of Thunder Raiden is now playble in MUA.
This mod contains:
-5 custom skins, 4 basic and one more for the ones who like dark things
-1 custom mannequin
-Custom huds, icons and loadscreens
-Sounds from MK 2
-Custom bolton
-Use 4 animations sets(in a way)
Basic: For the basic moves I use Moonknight's, even the staff combat
1) Chain Lighting: Lightning shoots from his hands chaining from enemy to enemy Use Storm's effects.
2) Lighting bolt: Fires a thunder bolt to a single target. Dr. Doom's effect.
3) Torpedo: Fly forward and charge enemies. Need a trail effect.
4) Staff slam: Slams his staff in the ground, summon lightnings.
5) Teleport: Also a classic move, teleport himself and other heroes.
6) Staff Combat: Activate staff for melee attacks.
7) Conduction: Adds $DMG_ELECTRICITY to all melee attacks.
8) Fatality: Radial lightning attack. Should take more damage, not a fatality if you ask me.
-The Torpedo move stop for no god reason sometimes, I think that if I change the animation it will work better.
-Outsider for the icons and loadscrenns, also some ideas.
-UndeadMentor, OGloc069, deexie, AppokalipsSurvivor (Deviantart users) for 3d models and custom meshes.
-Ed Boon and John Tobias for Raiden itself.
Get it here:

Scorpion & Sub-Zero
The two MK mods any fan will love to see has come to life with this new release featuring both Scorpion and Sub-zero from Netherrealm studios, with four skins, mannequins, classic sounds and special moves.
Scorpion(use most of Ghost Rider animations)
1) Hell fire: Summon fire under enemies.
2) Teleport-Punch: Teleport over enemies and smash them one by one.
3) Spear: Throws his spear to grab enemies and pull them back to him (It looks ok, could be better)
4) Hell fire breath(Ghost Rider's booster move): Remove his mask and attack the enemy with fire from his mouth.
5) Ninja Sword: Enable sword combat for a time.
6) Inferno Scorpion: Turns into a burning zombie, add DMG FIRE to all attacks(like in MKSM).
7) Fatality: Teleport to each enemy and finish them with his ninja sword.

Sub-zero: (Most of Iceman's stuff)
1) Ice-ball: Ice beam that freeze enemies for a time.
2) Ice-clone: Creates an ice-clone of himself that freeze enemies that touch it (not so awesome like I wanted but...)
3) Ice-slide: Slides to enemies causing dmgmod_trip.
4) Ice_shower: (MK3 move) Send ice beams to the sky that'll land on enemies to freeze them.
5) Ice shield: Create an aura of freezing energy(Movie move).
6) Fatality: Radial freeze attack.
Bugs: -The range of single attacks most be adjust cause it hurts like radial ones sometimes.
-Some sound fix could do a better game experience.
-Raven Darkholme for the Ice-clone code.
-UndeadMentor, OGloc069, deexie, AppokalipsSurvivor (Deviantart users) for 3d models and custom meshes.
-Ed Boon and John Tobias for both Scorpion and Sub-Zero.
Get the mod here:

A long time ago(1977) in a galaxy far, far away (but kinda part of Marvel Comics now)...
Back when films were boring and visual effects were lame, George Lucas create the most spectacular, epic and innovator film of all the times (back to those days) about good versus evil and democracy vs tyranny. After the film came out, the culture change, the social media, the hole movie industry change; and with all that, we have books, toys, t-shirts, posters, more toys...and videogames.
I have the placer to bring you two mods of the most iconic characters from Star Wars franchise, please welcome to:
Obi-wan Kenobi: The old Master Jedi in all his glory, from Padawan to Master. This mod includes:
-4 skins.
-1 mannequin.
-Icons and huds.
-Custom sounds.
-3º animation set.
1) Mind trick: Use the Force to mind control enemies.
2) Sabre throw: Based on Battlefront videogame. Throw his saber like Thor's hammer.
3) Force Push: Use the Force to telepathically knockback enemies.
4) Ligthsabre: Enable lightsabre combat, change the basic combo for a time.
5) One with the Force: Pass to astral from and give all allies unlimited power for a time.
6) Jedi Knight Assault: Slash all enemies using the Force Speed.

Darth Vader: The most iconic villian of all times, he even walk like a villian(for those asking about Anakin, sorry I couldn't make individuals sounds and move sets). This mod includes:
This mod includes:
-2 skins.
-1 mannequin.
-Icons and huds.
-Custom sounds(include his breathing sound)
-3º animation set.
1) Force Choke: Use the Force to choke enemies until they die.
2) Sabre throw: Based on Battlefront videogame. Throw his saber like Thor's hammer.
3) Force Push: Use the Force to telepathically knockback enemies.
4) Ligthsabre Mastery: Increase damage of all attacks and add bleed damage.
5) The Dark Side of the Force: Increase speed and damage, power cost is reduced to zero for a time.
6) The Force Unleashed: Explode the Force in an full anger mode to attack enemies with all objects from the enviroment.

Bugs: Some basic combo are not working.

Credits: *George Lucas, Lucasfilm, Walt Disney Pictures for Star Wars and all the characters related.
-John Williams for The Force Theme and Vader Theme.
-Xnalara users for Obi-wan Kenobi models(couldn't find the names anymore).
-ooCroftyoo from Xnalara Forums for Darth Vader model.
-Unknow autor for the lightsabres models.
-Soundboard for Obi's and Vader's sounds.
-Mualover and Outsider for ideas and fixes.

Get the mods here:

Also know as Yautja, the Predators are an alien race characterized by its trophy hunting of other species for sport. First appareance was back in 1987 in the movie called PREDATOR (Jean Claude Van-Damme was supposed to be the Predator lol), an instant classic of Sci-fi Horror movies and must bloody movies of all times.
But made no mistake here, the yautjas are honorable creatures that hunts only worthy preys and never kill for fun; with a huge package of cool weapons and advanced tech, to make a mod of this magnificent character was so appropiate.
Move list, I have more to add but no enough time, maybe in a future update:
1) Wrist Blades: Slash enemies with his blades.
2) Smart disk: Launch a single sharped projectile. (I use the AVP design)
3) Hunter Spear: Impale enemies with his special iconic spear.
4) Plasma  Caster: Fire a mortal blast from his shoulder.
5) Heat Vision: Show all enemies in the map.
6) Cloaking divice: Becomes invisible.
7) Beast roar: Remove his mask to scare enemies for a time.
8) Self destruct divice: Activate his bomb and blast every thing(It will kill the Predator).
Bugs: *Invisibility stop working after the buffself time is out, you can preform it again or turn it off (read the read me).
*Don't know why but the xtreme cause freeze for a time, not forever, things back to normal if you wait while the smoke go away(sorry, I couldn't fix it).

Pleas report any other bug

From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Casey Jones is some guy in a hockey mask that fights crime with sports sticks. Yep, just a guy, don't expect to get an easy gameplay with him lol. Created as a parody of vigilante characters that were in comics, the character have grown charisma in the fans of the series. He have appear in live action movies, games and of course cartoons.
For the mod I took inspiration from the early 2000's cartoon more than anything, the voice files are from there. The fighstyles are mixed with hockey stick and baseball bats, but he can also use a cricket bat and a golf club in the grabsmash.
Move list:
1) Flying Puck: Projectile attack, yeah, a hockey disk.
2) Cricket Bat: Smash really hard with it.
3) Baseball bats (boost): Switch his main weapon (hockey stick) with baseball bats.
4) Hockey Player (boost): Switch back to hockey stick and become faster.
5) Goongala!(xtreme) Go nuts and smash everybody with his baseball bat.
That's it lol
Bugs: none so far
Get it here:

Uhm.. I cant find the herostats Odinson xD
My Release topic :,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

Quote from: Polygone on April 11, 2014, 09:36AM
Uhm.. I cant find the herostats Odinson xD
Haha epic fail :P I'll upload it after class.

herostat included now, 2nd link. thanks for check it.

wow amazing mi amigo  :rockon:  i download now :thumbsup2:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

From Odinson012  ... this file was missing from "TheSentry" boost, paste on data/entities  ... enjoy it :D

Quote from: Damian292 on April 18, 2014, 05:01PM
From Odinson012  ... this file was missing from "TheSentry" boost, paste on data/entities  ... enjoy it :D
Yep, thanks to this guy the mod is complete. Nobody report the bug before.

Quote from: Tony_Stark on April 29, 2014, 10:29AM
Those music mods look amazing! I was hoping to do something like that for Stark Tower!
Yes, they are :-D
Notice that some maps cause the "remix-music", wich is easy to evade: press pause and continue, the music will play normal.

Saint Seiya mods are now updated with four new alternate mods: Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius. Only 4 more mods remain to complete the zodiac gold saints .
Remember, this mods aren't part of the official mod catalog.

Good job mi Amigo ;)
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

Happy new year guys! I have update the first page with my new Thor booster, hope you like it, new skins, new powers, new icons!.

Oh yeah) Thor booster is very great !!! Great release on New Year