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Started by Erik Lensherr, July 18, 2014, 03:38AM

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July 18, 2014, 03:38AM Last Edit: October 25, 2019, 01:24PM by Erik Lensherr
Hi guys! In this topic you'll see my boosters and mods for Marvel Ultimate Alliance! Hope you'll enjoy :)


Shocker (Marvel) -,9312.msg174385.html#msg174385
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Mysterio booster (Marvel) - below.
Dr. Doom booster (Marvel) -,9312.msg173665.html#msg173665
Electro booster (Marvel) -,9312.msg173729.html#msg173729

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July 18, 2014, 03:38AM #1 Last Edit: August 21, 2014, 04:26AM by Erik Lensherr
It is my first work - booster for Spider Man's villain - Mysterio!

UPDATED: Added new iconset for Mysterio and new sounds for new powers.


- new iconset;
- sounds for new powers;
- 2 new powers and 1 new boost:
  Poison Explosion, Holographic Fireball and Invisible Illusion;
- new ability - Poison Immunity;
- new radiation effect for Mysterio's first skin;
- Smoke Cloud effect is recolored. Now its looks better;
- renamed all powers and custom passives.

Download :

Idrinkdrpepper - Mysterio mod.
Polygone - Radiation effect.
Outsider - Mandarin effects.

Quote from: Polygone on July 18, 2014, 06:25AM
Glad to see it realesed!!

Thank you, Polygone! I am very glad that someone interested in my booster!

Had never played with Mysterio he is really fun. Your off to a great start keep it up. :mysterio: :doom:

Quote from: ndp on July 20, 2014, 12:46AM
Had never played with Mysterio he is really fun. Your off to a great start keep it up. :mysterio: :doom:

Thanks a lot! My Dr. Doom booster is ready on 70% :)

Glad you release it! Congratulations on your first mod! ;)
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Quote from: MUALover on July 20, 2014, 08:00AM
Glad you release it! Congratulations on your first mod! ;)

Thank you so much, MUALover! You help me with this booster:)

Well, my  :doom: DR. DOOM booster finally is released!


-add 7 new powers to Doom's powerset:

red - magical powers; green - energy powers; yellow - electric powers; purple - personal power.

1. Plasma Ball - explosive shot that emanates from Doom's hands and explodes on contact.
2. Cosmic Beam - using his knowledge about magic, Doom fires cosmic beam of energy, causing popup and knockback.
3. Deadly Lightning - create a very powerful lightning bolt that causes deadly damage.
4. Energy Wave - Doom release powerful energy wave from his gloves.
5. Hypnosis Paradox - Doom controls minds enemies, switching them to his team.
6.(Boost) Teleportation Device - ability to teleport within a given range. If an ally is directly in front of you, they will teleport with you. Damages enemies at the destination following the end of the teleport.
7.(Boost) Doombot - Doom create a Doombot that help in the battle.
8.(Boost) Armor's Defense - a protective shield surrounds Doom deflecting all projectiles and damaging all melee attackers.
9.(Boost) Molecular Transducer - Doom increase his size and striking to attack enemies.
10.(XTREME) KNEEL BEFORE DOOM - A massive explosion that damages all enemies in the vicinity.

Other features:

-3 new abilities: Healing Factor, Electric Immunity, Mental Resistance;
-renamed all powers and custom passives;
-increase damage from all Doom's attacks.
-Xtreme's effect is recolored;
-increase size of Doom Shield.


Outsider: Mandarin, Blackheart and Deathbird effects;
Scabbia: Giant Man effect;
MelloMods: Thanos effect;
Blizz: X-Man effect.

Note: you must download Gevth's booster first:

Preview video:

wow Doom now more powerful than base Doom mod ! great booster