Started by alexnguyen1996, May 12, 2011, 09:31PM

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Yes, I definitely want it (along with a bunch of others that requested it). It's up to full working with sound, correct?
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It still had a lot of bugs last time I played it, but I've long since lost the files. My PSP has been sitting for months, too, but I know I don't have the mod on there.

Alright. Thanks for the response, Teancum. It's no big deal I suppose, plenty more characters to choose from anyhow. I was mainly interested for technical reasons, just to see how it worked to be honest (of course Moon Knight is nice to use occasionally). :D
Let slip the dogs of war!

Umm... If you want to play as Colossus (not replaces anyone) and Moon Knight (replaces Ms. Marvel) on PSP Version : There's a link here =
Download Link :
Discussion Thread :,7000.0.html

I hope it's working.. :) :) (because i'm never test it...)
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Yes, I tested that one some time ago, there are no sounds, and all characters have @DATA@ in front of their names, and the skins are displayed as they are numbered in the Herostat. It's functional though, so there's that.
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