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Started by idrinkdrpepper, August 15, 2007, 06:02PM

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I only changed the skins in the new version and added HUDs.

That's weird, i start this GBA Character mod, but still have a problem with those.

Dude, the GameBoy version of the game is completely different from the standard MUA on other consoles. And it's much crappier according to reviews I've read.

Well i've got bugged up with his powerstyle. In herostat & ps_vision xml files, i change sound of iron_m into vision_m(herostat) & iron into vision(ps_vision). Is it bugged us up.

Are you using this version from page 2?

Quote from: Teancum on February 25, 2008, 04:29PM
Here's the big update for Vision:

-New reskins/skins -- Classic, White, Gatherer, Iron Lad (by Raven Studios, myself, and Boreman respectively)
-New HUDs/fixes to icons
-New voiceovers (he doesn't have tons to say, but he's got as many lines as I could get)

Just extract it over the old version, or install this one if you've never used the original.

:vision: DOWNLOAD

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I already try & down it, but. There something wrong with the massive slam, it's missing. Well i use vision_m on herostat.

I don't think anyone will be updating Vision, so feel free to fix it if you want to.

Ehhh, i don't know how to fix. Except the sound i can fix or change inside the ps file.

I tried to download the Vision mod (from page 2 of this thread), but the link didn't work.  Does anyone know if this is because of the server change?  Can someone post a working link?  Vision is one of my favorites.
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Check the character mod catalog link

I believe you are referring to this page: ,which I already tried.  The Vision link on that page sends you to this one
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Ah.  Dunno then.  Hopefully someone still has it on their hard drive.  We had to purge files to make everything use less bandwidth.

Vision is alot of fun to play!  I'm currently running through the game with him.  I noticed that his voice is actually Iron Man's....  In reading this thread, I saw that there were new voiceovers done for him (maybe not Iron Man's voice).  Is this true and is that mod available anywhere?
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In Vision's herostat entry, where it says "sounddir = iron_m ;", put "sounddir = vision_m ;" instead.

EDIT: I'm pretty sure you'll have to start the game again with default stats.