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Started by idrinkdrpepper, August 15, 2007, 06:02PM

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Vision Mod:
- started with Vision from tommyboy's Avenger's mod
- kept most of the talent names and descriptions, but renovated several of the powers, including the xtreme
- used iron man's voice file
- replaced the phase script by a different one that I had made back in November.  Instead of having the phase set to a certain time limit, I set it so that you can turn it on and off by activating the power multiple times. This gives a little more control over phasing, which I thought was important since there are some dangers to it and it's a little cheap and annoying to have it active for periods of a minute. 
- Vision's laser eye attack has been revamped using a Gladiator animation, and it looks a lot cleaner --NEW LINK

The download file is a .rar and you can use winrar to open it.

What's the Xtreme? Btw nice work! I like Vision a lot and now I'm attempting to install MUA on my laptop so I can use the recently made mods. :laugh:

It's the same coding as Mr. Fantastic's xtreme (Orbital Assault, I think), but with a different name and talent values.

Orbital Attack. OK, thx.

Just want to let you know this is an amazing mod. Love the intangability.

What kinds of skins does it have? A "Young Avenger" Vision would be a nice addition.

Download the mod and find out.

Just a quick question guys, does this mod need a mannequin? Or is one already made for it...cause since Im making as many MUA Mannequins as I can I just wanted to know if you wanted a vison one. Anyways let me know if I can help out!

Tommy made a mannequin for it awhile back, but it was his model.  So it might be nice to have a Vision mannequin that uses the in-game model for continuity.  Some very 'stand-up-straight' basic pose might work well.

Alright then! I'll see what I can do in the workshop! Lol

Quote from: Midnight Curse on February 09, 2008, 07:45AM
Download the mod and find out.

As soon as I get MUA for my laptop, I plan on it. I'm sort of absorbing all the info I can on the mod scene before I dive in. I was lucky enough to get it as a launch title on the Wii, so I'm familiar with the game. I've wanted to mod this game since it came out.

I'm really excited; you guys in the scene have been doing great stuff.

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If I remember correctly, the released mod does not have an Iron Lad/Young Avenger Vision, but it's available in another download.

Edit: yup, Boreman made more Vision skins here:

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 Alrighty...the new Vision mannequin has been made and is ready to go! Let me know what you guys think!