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Started by nba2kstuff, January 05, 2007, 10:51PM

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Quote from: kfcrispy on February 21, 2007, 09:50PM
err it doesn't produce any file though. when i run the game it's just using the herostat i put in earlier.
Would you care to share with us WHAT you tried to do, and HOW you tried to do it, because then we can maybe help you.
Otherwise all I can tell you is that you made a mistake somewhere, because th programme works fine for me and I've decompiled/edited/recompiled probably 100 different files, and herostat and NPCstat probably a hundred times each.

If you can't compile herostat at all, it's probably because you forgot the braces at the end of a function, or the semicolon at the end of a line.  It will pretty much compile no matter how many spelling errors you have (although not everything will work correctly), but if you forget the general syntax, the program can't compile herostat (or any file for that matter).
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i don't know where to ask this, but i used the texture finder from nba2kstuff's site whenever iI load a skin file it just shows a swizzly picture, i have tried every Pixel Settings but still nothing happens, am I doing something Wrong, can someone tell me how to use it to edit the skins and Icons

Thank You 

You can't EDIT anything with it. It's only there to get the image offsets out.
For MUA, you set it to DXT1 mode and scroll the scrollbar on the right down till you see patterns. They're big and obvious (stretching the window to full screen helps). You then check the RGB-BGR checkbox and start increasing the shift one by one till the clear image appears. Simple as pie!

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If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

i tried to add the xmen characters but only when i tried to recompile i ended up with a .txt file and an empty .xml file

check for any possible mistakes in your file or try remaking it completely.

i tried to remake it and i got gambit to show up, but his powers dont show up. im trying to replace moonknight.

Have you made packages for Gambit with this particular model slot (if replacing MK, then it should be gambit_4101.pkgb)?
Otherwise powers will not work. Ever. It's like a checklist for adding anything:

1. Check file integrity.
2. Check file locations.
3. Check file sufficiency.
4. Check and make packages as necesary.
5. Run game, check workingness.
6. Check the packages again :D

Crimson Dynamo says:
In Soviet Russia, the games mod YOU!

If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

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Quote from: THX on January 05, 2007, 11:53PM
haha I knew if anyone could make this process easier you could, nice work! ;D

Members if you romance Nba2k right he may just make this for us:

I know this is slightly offtopic, but THX did you make this ui? because i know how to make the program work (Character Select) but I didn't make a ui. If you know how to make the ui and interface it with other code, then we may be in buisiness.

edit: Actually, you wouldnt need to interface code, all i would need to know is if you can call shell commands from the ui (for example call 'c:\program.exe -flags' from command prompt), then i can set it up and tell you what flags you need to do what
nevermind, i am making my own

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You put up the wrong link; sorry, I should've been more clear about which it was, Nowhere Man. The good link is this one, from the end of the thread.

Redone :P

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Has anyone else noticed that if you close the program using the "X" button on the top-right corner of the window - the window will close, but the process will still remain "active" (as shown in the processes tab of Task Manager) ?
So if you keep on closing and re-opening it as I have, you will end up having two dozen instances of the same process in Task Manager (and each will "eat" memory) ..

Also, if someone does decide to fix this minor incovenience, he should also fix the other minor inconvenience that lead us here. I'm talking about the inability to browse directly for another xml file. You know.. when you already edited an xml file, the only way to edit another one is to close and restart the program so that it will ask you to browse to the desired file when you click "edit" again.

Just saying.. not complaining. :D I really appreciate the work done by the program's developer. It only needs a little polish to be perfect.