Mystique Mod (re-released 05-06)

Started by matt710, August 23, 2007, 10:13PM

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Blade has a move were he throws some grenades in the air, and then he shoots them causing them to explode some radiation thing.  He might be want you want for that grenade xtreme move.
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What im currently working on:
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She is giving me major problems.  3 of the moves work but don't do the right damage, and her xtreme doesn't work at all.  Her original gun moves (2/3 that don't do the right damage) don't do enough damage no matter how I define the damage. They do only 2-17 damage.  Almost like her attacks.  The extra gun move I put in (a hold and continue shooting move) works for the status ailment (50% hp loss for a 55% chance at the highest level) but has the same problem with damage.  The other problem I have is her bomb xtreme isn't working.  It won't do any damage and only stops half way.  For the guns I may have to redefine them like deadpool or something. 

On a lighter note her 4 shapshifting moves work like a charm!  Also her 4 passives work too.  The regular grenade move and cyc's auto artillary I added work as well.  So she is almost done, just needs a little revamping with her guns. 

She has new icons, a new portrait, original 3d and conversation huds and her skins from xml1 and xml2.  She even says things upon selecttion in field and laughs durring her xtreme I believe.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Her xtreme Terrorist Bomber works now!  :mystique:  Now to get the gun moves' damage to work!    :scratchhead:
  From the Ashes she will rise.

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She is finally done!!!!  With a few compromises though. 

Here is the mod download:

Thanks nodoubt for supplying the xml1 NPC you made that this mod was based off of.

So anyway I figured out how to fix her bullet problem, but the problem was it only solved her first gun move.  So Gun move 3 was made so that it is a faster and continuous version of the first gun move (so upping it only increases speed of the move, the stun rate, deadly blow rate, and lessens the EP/s consumption.  Damage of the first gun move is referenced for it).  The 2nd gun move had to be really fixed cause it was doing 0 damage.  So now it uses rogue's 180 degree blast for damage, but the original animation.  Oh well if I can think of something better there are still updates.

Also I recolored the explosion from her xtreme from green to an actual explosion color.  I was just lazy and did it last minute.  I didn't really feel like redoing the preview of it, so just imagine it not looking so green.   :D

Next up:

Marvel Girl
Black Cat
Colossus Booster

  From the Ashes she will rise.

Black Cat has some good boosts. And X-Man's the only PSP exclusive that hasn't been done, I think.

BTW, got any previews?

great mode! luv playing her...she so cool...but when she on AI, she kept on using her extreme terrorist bomber, is there any way to stop that?

I can up a powerstyle where she won't use that.  I must have forgot to remove a line from it.
  From the Ashes she will rise.

I love you for making this mod, but i also have that problem also with the angel mmod. Could you help me?

I really waNT this mod But I don't know who to replace, i hate to take off sunfire since he kicks ass in this game but I really don't see him as a big deal in the x-men group. Or maybe emma???

Quote from: matt710 on September 17, 2007, 06:45AM
I can up a powerstyle where she won't use that.  I must have forgot to remove a line from it.

oh yes pls do....thanx...

sorry for the delay.  Didn't get much time today to do modding.  I will upload the stuff in the morning.
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For the angel mod you need to download the update.  I believe that had the fix.  Here is mystique's new powerstyle file.


  From the Ashes she will rise.

your the best matt710 CAN'T WAIT FOR X-MAN.

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wHY DOES HER MENU PICTURE appear as her hud head?

edit:Scratch that off, could someone please link me up with mystique 3dhudhead I really don't get how I replace it with her character selection picture.