Mystique Mod (re-released 05-06)

Started by matt710, August 23, 2007, 10:13PM

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I am unsure how you did that.  Didn't you just drag and drop everything into C:\Program Files\Activision\X-Men Legends 2 ?

Anyway here is the file:
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Hey, looks like a great mod. Any chance of making an MUA version? I no longer own XML2 but I would love to try out this mod.

i have two problems with the mod. she only has powers in her red colored costume and the menu picture doesnt show. i have the same problem with goblin queen.

how about some new skins for her?

wow thax u so much i never seen this skins before.

Quote from: matt710 on September 18, 2007, 08:03AM
For the angel mod you need to download the update.  I believe that had the fix.  Here is mystique's new powerstyle file.


Anyone have this update?

I will have to look for that in my files I found in a flash pen.  She was on my list to restart again anyway.  I was thinking of using Deadpool's MUA skeleton as her fighstyle to add more throwing and gun shot animations.  I will probably fix that spread shot move since I learned from fixing Black Cat's star throw move.  I also will probably remove the original repeat shot and use deadpool's version due to glitches with gun removal.  I also might get rid of one of her morphing skills (probably the lab tech morph since I don't believe it works right).  So she is next on my list and the Dark Phoenix.

It seems that the only problems with using the MUA skeleton is that it is kick heavy, but I may be able to offset that with some of his power animations that will be unused.  There won't be any swords but they would probably look like karate chops.  What do you guys think?
  From the Ashes she will rise.

that sounds good cant wait. to bad your not on mua list yet so you could make her there.

Quote from: Teancum on February 29, 2008, 12:25PM
Anyone have this update?

Alrighty this might be the one you were looking for.  The one I sent before was last updaded Sept 10th and this one is Sept 18th.  I will start working on Mystique's new fightstyle while people are playing with Black Cat and telling me the bugs.  Here is the file from Sept 18th:
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Ok I figured a few ways to fix Mystique.

First I figured out why the spread shot never worked.  Secondly I will use Deadpool's skeleton to do the hold down power and shoot.  Thirdly she will loose the once ability where she sets a trap, but gains Deadpool's grenade throwing ability.  I may also see what the animation looks like for Deadpool's extreme and alter hers slightly.

I also thought of a way to do the steal skin I think.  If what I think I can do works, I will be able to do her original morphing power without sacrificing a power.  Since half of her powers don't work when her skin is changed already anyway, I will just use this line:

      chain {
      action = powers ;
      result = transform_back ;

All I have to do is have an entry that loops to itself for everything except that and idle to make it loop again.  If that fails, I can maybe just redo all of her fightsyles again with different names and always link them back to this linking entry again.  I don't have any idea if it will work since it is just a theory, but if it does she can steal skin.

Basically if everything works according to plan she will rock.  But we will have to see...
  From the Ashes she will rise.

I hope all that works for Mystique it sounds right,I need to check that code out for a MUA mod I've been dreaming about.Plus I'd really like to have Mystique and all her skin changing glory. 
And their turning us into Monsters its all designed!!

Ok while working on Mystique I learned one new thing.  There is an extra power animation in there for another gun attack.  She spins and shoots with one hand.  I may use it for something, maybe replace the smash ability when she morphs to that one gun move.  I don't know yet.  Also I learned a valuable lesson.  XML2 doesn't look to the fightstyle skeleton for menu animations.  I found this out by trying it for Black Cat, but it didn't work as planned.  Oh well...
  From the Ashes she will rise.

Ok I'm still working on her.  This is what is proposed.

She actually shares little general attack animations with Deadpool since her heavy and stun attacks are with gun animations.  Thus I had a lot to work with for the other attacks. 

Next, she is sharing only two attacks with deadpool, which are his looping gun attack and grenade attack from MUA.  The gun attack has different status effects that are similar to the original mod.

I am still trying to fix her steal form, which is tricky.  I think I may be able to do it, but if not I can always revert it back to a random civilian skin. Also her spread gun move seems to not be working either, so I may have to try to find a way to fix it.  If I cannot fix it as is I have a few routes I can go.  One way is changing the projectiles to beams (like deadpool's gun attacks in MUA).  This should allow me to do multiple beams based on different bone angles.  The other is changing it to be similar to Black Cat's throwing stars move but changing the spread and number to match what she does in her animations (mutch harder than the other one).

The only thing I am still debating is whether to keep her grenade-based extreme as is, using Deadpool's MUA Gun-based extreme, or creating a hybrid of both.  Note that deadpools extreme in MUA is different than his XML2 one I think (someone correct me if I am wrong).  I want to see everyone's opinions on this one.

She is coming along and will be out for testing when I am done. 
  From the Ashes she will rise.